Report Any Suspicious Act of Extremists InThe Country- NOSPWESCO Urges Women

Members of NOSPWECO at the press conference Members of NOSPWECO at the press conference

The Network for the Peace and Security of Women in the ECOWAS space (NOSPWECO) has expressed the extremist attacks in the West African sub-regions

This attacks in recent time has resulted in the casualties of women and children which needs to be looked at in earnest .

The spate of these violent extremist attacks have been ongoing for the past eight years.

More worrying for NOSPWECO is the potential tendencies for these attacks have to destabilize the state if not properly checked .

To this end, NOPSWECO - GH is calling on the Ghanaian women and youth to report any kind of suspicious activities to the security agencies immediately.

Speaking at the maiden press conference held in Accra , the President of NOPSWECO - GH, Madam Euphemia Akos Dzathor cautioned women to identify suspicious activities in their communities.

She said the rising cost of violent extremism in the neighboring countries like Burkina Faso calls for serious concerns in Ghana and the need to map out effective strategies to prevent them.

According to her, Ghana faces a potential threat of extremist recruitment and radicalization which is why women need to play their part by sensitizing the youth to be conscience of same.

"A successful prevention of violent extremism (PVE) would be very hard to achieve without the full participation of civil society group and local community members including women", she added.

The president, therefore called on women and women leaders who are adequately informed on PVE and peace building to see themselves as having a higher chance of contributing effectively to breaking social habits and tendencies that inspire extremism and undermine peace.

" These womenare more resourceful, willing and effective at helping to dismantle tendencies that are supportive of violence", she assured.

Madam Dzathor, however, appealed to the government, civil society and others to make it a priority to work together to build a resilience against violent extremism to ensure that Ghana remains a stable and peaceful country for all.

To the media, she urged them to equally play their part by disseminating the needed information across the country as a way of sensitizing Ghanaians on the activities of violent extremist and how to identify them.

NOPSWECO, she added compliment the media by beginning a community outreach aim at equipping women and the youth on information to identify any act of violence extremism in their communities.