Sandema: police flee as thieves seize town.

Police flee as thieves seize town. Police flee as thieves seize town.

Police personnel in the Sandema town in the Buisa North District of the Upper East Region, are said to have sat aloof, as thieves allegedly ransacked houses and tormented residents.

The thieves, this outlet understands are jobless locals. Top on the list of their victims are said to be nurses and teachers.

The Herald, is unabated with calls as victims, describe the theft as unimaginable, as they vent their anger, over what they labelled as poor and coward policing.

Hearts of government workers, especially nurses and teachers, who appear to be regular victims and outmost target of these communal thieves, are said to be painted with Fear and uncertainty.

This outlet is informed that police personnel in the Sandema town are noted for turning down distress calls in times of thievery.

"Thieves were burgling my next-door neighbor's gate, but when I called the police and pleaded that they should come and salvage the situation, they ignored me. They boldly told me that these thieves are armed and truly to my surprise, they never surfaced". A resident told The Herald in a state of anonymity.

For the past few weeks, the Sandema town, is said to have been allegedly seized by thieves as they ransack homes at nights-with government workers, topping the list of victims.

A number of motorbikes and other valuables are said to have been stolen at the District hospital, hiking anger within the hospital staff front.

A nurse whose motorbike was recently stolen narrated that "the noise of the burglary woke me up but they succeeded in escaping with mine and that of another. We got Hint of their escape route but when we rushed to report to the police, the officers on duty told us they cannot apprehend them because the thieves are armed."

A hard-hit victim fumed that "Every now and then, a house or two is burgled".

In 2017, the town was hit by a historic armed robbery attack after some five armed robbers storm the town in daylight shooting at anything visible amidst robbing few meters away from the police station. The police at the time were beaten by the robbers in a shoot-out. They robbers escaped unrested.

The district police station recently had it share when thieves stole seized stolen items that were kept there to be presented as exhibits in court. Residents expressed shocked at the development.

When contacted, district police commander-Francis Kwasi Amankwa, described the allegation as untrue.

He would also not confirm nor deny the outcry of rampant robbery in the area. "Is not true. You are saying that you have spoken with the victims, but am saying that it's not true," he stated.

Source: By Haruna Sumaila Abugri