Savannah Police Commander Punish Two Police Officers For Flouting  Covid-19 Safety Protocols

DCOP Ernest Bediako,Savannah Regional Police Commander DCOP Ernest Bediako,Savannah Regional Police Commander

Two constables of the Ghana Police Service in the Savannah region fell on their own sword when they were caught flouting the Covid-19 safety protocols .

These Constables who are females, flouted the wearing of nose masks safety protocol.

Aside not wearing nose masks, these two female Police officers did not observe the social distancing protocol as they were seen seated less than two metres apart.

Their offence, which was brought to the attention of the Regional Police Commander by Journalists covering a disinfection exercise at the regional headquarters, attracted instant punishment .

The regional police commander for Savannah, DCOP Ernest Bediako who found the offence unacceptable in view of the fact that the Police are expected to observe these safety protocols before enforcing them on civilians sanctioned them.

For their punishment, he named and shamed them in public urging the media to publish their conduct.

Inspite of the two police officers who broke the safety protocols, all the other officers were seen in face masks as expected from them.

This incident occurred during the disinfection of the Savannah regional headquarters by waste management heavy weight, Zoomlion Ghana Limited today at Damongo.

The exercise which is the second phase of disinfecting Police installations, is to rid these facilities of the dreaded covid-19 virus and to prevent and reduce the spread among the Police service.

The exercise which started across the country this week, is a collaboration between government and the waste management experts, Zoomlion Ghana Limited.

The gang of sprayers during the exercise diligently disinfected the regional commander's office, crime officer's room, the charge office, the toilets, the barracks, the car park for the Police and their vehicles.

The regional police commander who later addressed the media , revealed that 30 recalcitrant residents in the region were arrested a week ago for not wearing nose masks but later warned through letters and released since they were first time offenders.

After the disinfection of the regional police headquarters in Damongo, the District Police headquarters also at Damongo was disinfected. Other police installations that benefited from the exercise today were the Busumu Police and Yapei Police stations as well as the Fulfulso Police post which are all in the Savannah region.

The Zoomlion Regional Manager for the Savannah region, Mr Kojo Njabore indicated that 15 police facilities in the region, would be disinfected.

Source: Patrick Biddah/