Sneaky Attorney-General-Designate Caught At Vetting On Afoko trial, Bodyguards and Agyapa Deal

Attorney General-Designate Godfred Dame Attorney General-Designate Godfred Dame

Lawyer for Gregory Afoko, Nana Yaw Osei has stated categorically that the Attorney General-Designate Godfred Dame lied before Parliament's Vetting Committee on Gregory Afoko's bail condition.

Gregory Afoko is one of two persons standing trial on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and murder for allegedly killing the Upper East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Alhaji Adams Mahama, in 2015.

At the same vetting Godfred Dame, had tried to be sneaky about his use of a military personnel as his bodyguard, when he was confronted last Friday by hiding behind personal security and how that could compromise his security if he confirmed he uses a soldier.

Same Godfred Dame had claimed he didn't work on Agyapa Royalties because he wasn't assigned by Gloria Akuffo, but went on to rubbish Martin Amidu's Corruption Risk Assessment work on the deal.

He had claimed the former Special Prosecutor did not talk to people named in the deal including Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta. He had cleverly avoided the fact that Martin Amidu wrote to the Finance Ministry and other institutions to obtain and scrutinize documents on the transaction.

Some of the documents which were been hidden by the Finance Ministry were later released by Charles Adu Boahen, Ken Ofori-Atta's Deputy who was said to be in-charge of the deal in which the Finance Minister's South African partners IMARA Finance Corporation was going to profit some US$4 million to share with the minister's private company Data Bank in a situation clearly seen as Conflict of Interest.

He sought to reduce the amount of money IMARA and Data Bank were going to pocket from the deal by claiming it was around US$3 million claiming he had forgotten his document on that part of the deal until Member of Parliament for Bulsa North in the Upper East Region, James Agalga gave him a rude shock by mention the exact amount the Finance Minister and his partners were going to pocket.

Again, when Godfred Dame was confronted with fact, down played the significance of the Conflict of interest and recounted previous works Data Bank had done insisting that the fact that its owner is in government should not end their engagement with the state.

He went further to describe a certain part of the Agyapa deal; the Mandate Agreement as minor justifying why it did not have to come to Parliament.

Indeed, many had said Godfred Dame went to the vetting with a strategy to prepare the way for Ken Ofori-Atta who is billed to have a very tough time at the vetting but failed.

On the banking sector clean, when confronted with his conflicting positions on Unibank, he claimed he had condemned the liquidation but later had to change his mind when new facts were made available to him.

on Gregory Afoko, the Attorney General-designate told the Appointments Committee on Friday, February 12, 2021, that Gregory has still not been granted bail because he could not meet bail conditions.

Lawyer Nana Yaw Osei Osei, however disagrees with the claim of the Minister-Designate while speaking on Bresosem on Abusua Fm hosted by Prof. Otchere Addai Mensah monitored by said: "Attorney General-designate Godfred Dame lied at his vetting on the fact that Gregory Afoko after being granted bail couldn't meet the bail conditions".

According to Lawyer Nana Yaw Osei "If Gregory Afoko didn't meet the bail conditions as alleged by Godfred Dame at his vetting then on what basis did the Court give the Order to execute bail bond".

"Gregory Afoko met all the bail conditions and he has still been denied bail. Godfred Dame lied before the Vetting Committee but it shouldn't be that. Those who have not followed Gregory Afoko's case will believe in Godfred Dame Lies" Lawyer Nana Yaw Osei said.

The family of Gregory Afoko two years ago fingered the Executive branch of government of having a hand in the continuous incarceration of their son, for a crime he didn't commit.

This was Mr Afoko after facing a four-year trial which judgement was due, had to face a fresh trial after another suspect in the murder was apprehended.

In a press conference addressed by the Spokesman of The Ayieta family, Robert Atong Asekabta, the family asked why government filed "nolle prosequi" after calling 14 witnesses in the course of the four-year trial of Gregory Afoko which was due to end this month.