Soldiers Beat Up  Protesters, Journalists During Demo Over La Lands

Soldiers Soldiers

Soldiers believed to be from Burma Camp in Accra, yesterday beat and chased away demonstrators, protesting the alleged encroachment of the military on La Stool lands.

Some of the media personnel were also beaten and manhandled by some of the soldiers at the scene.

The group within the La Traditional Council, the Coalition of La Associations, defied orders of the police to suspend their intended demonstration.

Soldiers were seen dragging a protestor to the ground, and was subsequently hit in the head.

Some soldiers were also seen beating fleeing protestors with sticks.

One soldier in a video, is heard telling the media personnel not to take any photos.

The land in contention is between Tse Addo and Airport Hills, around the Military Cemetery.

Addressing the media ahead of the demonstration, a spokesperson for the group, Jeffrey Tetteh, had said they would not be deterred by the presence of the police to seek the release of the annexed lands by the military.

"We are willing because our forefathers laid down their lives and they shed their blood to regain this land for us. It is our time to also gain the land and bequeath to those generations after us."

The group has previously said President Akufo-Addo, has promised to give the stool about 200 acres of the land. It has, however, admitted that no Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed in this regard.

The Coalition members, holding placards, proceeded to the land after a press conference to announce the repossession of their land from the military.

There was heavy military presence and few policemen on the land when the media and the Coalition arrived.

The military began brutalizing the Collation members after a misunderstanding ensued between them, driving them from the land as Journalists around were also molested.

Some of the members of the coalition, sustained various degrees of injury with some bleeding profusely as a result.

The spokesperson for the Coalition said, "It has become very necessary for us to do this exercise today because we have realised that against all warnings, the military is still developing the land government had released to us on November 27, 2020."

However, he said the military had vowed to resist them and ensured that they did not get access to the land and that all efforts to get their lands had proved futile.