The Eye of Africa appeals to facilitate management measures to reduce vulnerabilities to Covid-19

The Eye of Africa appeals to facilitate management measures The Eye of Africa appeals to facilitate management measures

Since December 2019, the world has witnessed a health crisis called COVID-19. We fear the uses that are made of this crisis and the social, economic, political impact and issues around this crisis. For now, a partial analysis of the impact assessment on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) shows the following.

COVID-19 succeeded in jeopardizing the achievement of the targets of the 17 SDG components. Whether it is education, health, literacy, eradication of hunger and poverty, decent employment, peace and security, human rights, safeguarding the environment, protecting the planet , ... the indicators show a worsening of the situations. In the five areas that bring together the SDGs: people, prosperity, planet, peace, partnership, the crisis has managed to squeeze the momentum desired by the member states of the United Nations, this in the 2030 agenda.

Health care is affected by distancing. The new replacement practices, the alternative methods such as distance training, are not very inclusive. Telemedicine takes time to get into the habit.

Many factors that can contribute to the improvement of living conditions are not on the agenda in the debates ... if not confinement and reduction of activity as the only alternatives to reduce the mortality rate due to COVID- 19, with its impact on human capital, and the growth of countries.

Reports and statistics in the WAEMU zone, well before the crisis, already showed falls in living standards, with the crisis, ...

The deceleration of work increases the dependence of people, this, in the absence of financial means, and the financial assistance very little.

As a result, it is urgent that the stakeholders in the implementation of the SDGs come together to find a revenge for this health crisis, identify the weak points of the SDG, develop appropriate strategic plans, and strengthen by actions sufficient urgent and immediate.

If the objectives to be achieved, linked to human existence are shaken, in turn, humanity takes a hard hit and the whole world risks succumbing to it, because there is no value beyond capital human.

Source: By AYEGNON Blaise