This is not Ghana – National Peace Council chairman on attacks

Outgoing Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante Outgoing Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante

Outgoing Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante has noted that the recent attacks in the country contradict the spirit of peace Ghanaians are known to have.

Speaking on Joy FM's Christian programme, 'A Walk With Jesus', on the role of the church ahead of the general elections, Rev Asante noted that the attack that led to the murder of the NIA officer is a very sad and unfortunate incident.

"This is not Ghana, this is not the way we should operate and I hope that those who committed the crime will be brought to book and the necessary punishment will be meted out".

"For people who are gone on a peace mission just to mediate and for somebody to get up and think that such people can be seen as a threat, to whatever position they hold, it is just unfortunate," he noted.

He asked for such acts "to be condemned by all peace-loving people in this country".

According to him, the peace council has set up mediating groups to ensure that every community is reached and educated on the need for a peaceful election and be law-abiding citizens, of which the group was mistaken for other reasons.

Rev Emmanuel Asante called on the church to educate its members on the need to maintain peace and abstain from any violent activity as "about 70 per cent of Ghanaians claim to be people who go to church".

He, therefore, believes that if the church "takes up serious education and campaigning for peace against violent, it will go a long way".

In addition, he stated that "if our Muslim brothers could also do the same, then I think that about 90 plus per cent of Ghanaians will be reached through the churches and the mosque," he noted.

The outgoing chairman believes that it is the church has the responsibility of preaching peace to help maintain unity and harmony in the country.

"I believe we have that responsibility, that in our teachings and our preaching, we need to educate people to understand that we need to maintain peace and be peaceful people to promote peace at all levels," he said.

Rev Asante also believes in the power of prayer and is confident that when the church intercedes through prayer, God will intervene in the matter.

"On the spiritual side, I believe the church must seriously pray for the country," he said.

"While we educate people to stay away from violence, we should also be praying to the almighty God to stretch forth his hand and grant peace, after all, we believe in Jesus who is the prince of peace and if we call on him seriously whilst we are doing our part, and also praying, we should be able to address the situation," he added.

Source: By Miriam A. Cobblah