Violations of Covid-19 Protocols At NPP Primaries - Men Of God Blast Govt Over Hypocrisy and Want Offenders Punished

Top pastor in the country Top pastor in the country

Top pastors in the country are not happy with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) over their blatant disregard for all the laid down covid-19 protocols in the just-ended parliamentary primaries, which saw the ousting of 40 sitting Members of Parliament (MPs).

They say government, appears to be exhibiting hypocrisy with the enforcement of the sanctions that are prescribed in the E.I 164, with respect to those who violate the protocols.

They have, therefore, come hard at the government for arresting pastors for violating the orders of President Akufo-Addo, as laid down in the Executive Instrument, while looking on hypocritically when their parliamentary primaries proved massive violation of the orders.

First, the Head Pastor of the Holy Hill Assemblies Of God Church, Rev. Kwadwo Boateng Bempah, is warming government against pursuing an agenda aimed at controlling the church.

In a sermon, he admonished the government to tread carefully in order not to attract the wrath of God, since he believes there is an unseen hand working to control the influence of churches and their activities.

He said, all assurances that were given by the NPP, towards adhering to the protocols in their primaries were violated indiscriminately.

"That is why from day one I said there is an agenda behind this thing. Me I am not afraid to say this ooo. There is an agenda to control the church. Somebody should be very careful ," he warned .

"All the things they say we should not do they did it. They were hugging, screaming and raising handkerchiefs ", he recalled.

Television broadcast of the NPP primaries and radio reports, showed widespread violations of the protocols of social distancing ,wearing of face masks, as well as washing of hands and sanitizing.

The development attracted and raised eye brows .Well-meaning Ghanaians who are convinced the NPP primaries has exposed the country to further infections of the virus. have expressed their concerns on their available platforms.

Adding his voice to the situation, is the tough-talking president of the Full Gospels International Church, Pastor Samuel N.Mensah.

He did not take it kindly to the violations by the elements of the NPP during the primaries.

Speaking at sermon last Sunday in his church at Tema ,he said the primaries would increase Ghana's case count.

"All of these is going to increase in the rise of the covid. It will multiply and will possibly have another 5,000 in the next two weeks", he predicted.

"Now we are around 13,000 to 14,000 and it will rise up by another 5,000 but unfortunately when they come to church they will say it is the church that produced this", he said.

Pastor Mensah, also asked why the primaries lasted more that two hours but churches have been asked to open for only an hour.

He urged the leadership to maintain a standard for all Ghanaians to obey saying the law is the law which must be obeyed by all.

For this reason, he asked why pastors were arrested during the lockdown but the NPP people have been left with no arrest.

Another man of God who spoke on the matter with a different interpretation is the head pastor of the Perez Chapel, Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare.

For him, although the President and the Health Minister are all Christians, they were hesitant with their decision on opening churches for worship over concerns that the reopening will fuel spikes in the number of infections.

Dr. Agyin-Asare, who was speaking during the June edition of their prayer and fasting service, wondered why people are going about their activities holding parliamentary primaries with no fears, but afraid to go back to church, as if the churches will not take measures to curtail the spread.

He said, the decision by some churches not to reopen for service despite being asked to ,is an act of being filled with cup webs in their head.

All these stance by the leadership of the country and the churches which refuse to reopen for services after they were asked to do ,is the work of the devil to end the reign of the Kingdom of God.

"It is like some churches they say as for us we want to wait when everything is finished and gone. "By the time everything is gone you will not have a church anymore", he noted.

"Because already , the devil has brought cup webs in the mind of many Christians ", he added.





Source: theheraldghana