All 16 regions have now recorded coronavirus cases - GHS

GHS dashboard shows key virus statiatics GHS dashboard shows key virus statiatics

The Ghana Health Service has today confirmed that all 16 regions have confirmed cases of coronavirus.

This was disclosed by the GHS' Director General, Dr Patrick Aboagye during a media briefing at the Ministry of Information in Accra.

The figures show that the Greater Accra, Ashanti and Western regions are the most impacted in that order. Accra has more than half of the total caseload which has passed the 60,000 mark.

"Positivity rate for the airport continues to rise, that is if you look at the airports alone. But it is the cumulative positivity that is 0.65 but if you them month by month you can see there is an increasing trend in the positivity rate," Dr. Aboagye said during his briefing.

As at Monday January 25, 2021Major virus statistics were as follows:

Caseload = 61,489

Active cases = 3,525

Recoveries = 57,597

Deaths = 367

New cases = 695

Cumulative Cases per Region (Case Count from Highest to Lowest)

Greater Accra Region - 35,197

Ashanti Region - 11,738

Western Region - 3,351

Eastern Region - 2,706

Central Region - 2,215

Volta Region - 859

Bono East Region - 802

Western North Region - 695

Bono Region - 645

Northern Region - 620

Upper East Region - 563

Ahafo Region - 537

Oti Region - 246

Upper West Region - 161

Savannah Region - 63

North East Region – 25