GARU: NPP PC, Police Failling Seven-Year-Old Defiled Victim.

Police Failling Seven-Year-Old Defiled Victim. Police Failling Seven-Year-Old Defiled Victim.

The fate of a seven-year-old girl allegedly defiled by a supposed Islamic teacher at Gbeliginvuus, a peasant farming community in the Garu district of the Upper East Region, is said to be hanging on unguarded gate of hungry vultures as local police are said to have left the suspect ajar, while the victim wallops in pain and shame.

Residents of the community went into grieving after news broke of how a night Islamic school teacher, who is entrusted to properly up-bring young ones, rather allegedly defiled his seven year old student.

Since June this year, the victim, name unknown to this outlet has been left in a traumatic pain after being allegedly defiled by a man old enough to be his father.

Months after the heinous crime, the fate of the innocent victims blinks as police have failed to put the suspect before court, a development said to be sparking anger among locals.

The Garu constituency New Patriotic Party's parliamentary candidate, Osman Musah, who is mentioned as the victim's family spokesperson decided to play a 'marry-go-round' game with this reporter.

A visit to the victim's family house saw a worried; sobbing father who wouldn't say much except to say that issues relating to his daughter's defilement has been delegated to designated family relatives. Flanged by some family relatives, the victim's father identified as Musah told this reporter that the issue is under investigations and would therefore not speak. The father rather referred this reporter to one Osman Musah, said to be the incumbent New Patriotic Party's Parliamentary Candidate for Garu as the official mouth piece of the family and as such no one else would be allowed to speak. "My brother, we as a family has left this case in the hands of Osman. For any information, you have to see him." Tried as this outlet could, the family wouldn't speak. To shut the window of a back and front prevailing on the family to speak, one of the family members interjected repeatedly that "we can't speak, go to Osman that is final!" A request to have access to the victim was flatly and strongly denied by the family. The family however told this outlet that the victim is healthy and hearty although on treatment.

Interestingly, the official family mouth piece wouldn't answer our numerous calls nor respond to our text messages. It is unclear why the designated family spokesperson declined to respond to us.

More Interestingly, Mr Musah, months after ignoring our calls and text messages ironically told this outlet that he is not aware of the incident. Checks by this outlet reveal that the embattled NPP parliamentary candidate was the one who lodged the complaint at the Garu police station. His sharp U-turn of not knowing anything regarding the case has left many wondering. A video in a possession of this outlet captures a detailed interaction of how the sobbing father of the innocent victims categorically refused to talk on the issue and consistently referred this reporter to the family official spokesperson{Osman Musah} the Garu NPP PC.

The Garu police commander-DSP Dan Yaro who earlier expressed concerns over what he described as poor cooperation has paradoxically remains tight lip over the issue months later. When contacted, the embattled police commander stated "I have no information for you!" and angrily hanged up the call.

Meanwhile court officials who are aware of the case have expressed disgust over police silence and refusal to put the suspect before court.

Authorities at the Garu Health Centre; where the victim was first seen told this reporter in June, this year, that the victim was yet to be referred for gynecological care. Facility authorities disclosed that the victim was brought in with blood stains four days after she was defiled. "Beside the blood stains, there was tearing to the perineum. We have also giving her the base-line care. She was screened for sexual transmitted infections and has been kept on prophylaxis". A health officer told this outlet.

Sources told this outlet that the victim's poor mother is forced to bundles the victim in sanitary pads due to her intermitted bleeding as a result of the defilement.

Source: By: Haruna Sumaila Abugri.