Is Covid19 invincible? And why are countries still counting the dead?

Covid19 Covid19

The countries of the world have almost all been infected with covid19, but not all have the same management of the pandemic. If in a short time, some countries have succeeded in bringing the pandemic under control, others are still in the process of counting cases of recovery and cases of death. The situation from one country to another varies, without the causes which generate this difference in the management of the pandemic being diagnosed. Thus, fear has become the lot of citizens of certain countries, where measures to optimize the management of the pandemic have not been demonstrated. Many of these countries are in Africa, and yet it is the continent that has naturally shown more resistance to the spread of the virus, making fewer high cases of contagion. But the fact that the pandemic is settling in over time, one wonders why other countries are getting out of it earlier, even though the initial situation, of slowdown in the programming of the disease on the continent should serve to put using the expertise of severely affected countries.

African countries, lacking medical sovereignty, have been left to their own devices, awaiting aid from Western countries which, despite their high contamination rates to manage, have also begun to face the demands of African states.

The Corona pandemic, thus persists on the continent because of the immediate unavailability of multifaceted means, and the scarcity of resources. We can therefore note once again that the duration of the exit from the health crisis in Africa is due to the causes mentioned earlier, and to the absence of real expertise on the issue.

It is up to the lessons of the observations for the countries of the continent which would indeed like to have a certain sovereignty on all levels, to start acting in the right direction, because for the populations, with the length of time that the management of the health crisis takes, the impacts linked to sustainability also harm well-being. Studies must be carried out on the consequences of this slowness in the management of the Covid crisis in Africa to make it possible to verify the causes in order to prevent the population from suffering this situation without reason. If elsewhere, the efficiency of the systems made it possible to put an end to the pandemic, here and there the means remain to be optimized.

Already, in South Africa, human rights organizations intend to conduct a survey on the effectiveness of protection and care systems so that the results once published allow to situate the responsibilities.

In the meantime, the paradox which animates the galleries lately, is the absence of covid 19 declared in Afghanistan and in North Korea.

Source: Kpediakpo Eva Tolissa