More Women Into Butt Surgery Than Ever

Butt Surgery Butt Surgery

Many women want to emulate the posteriors of their idols and sometimes that's easier said than done. You're either born with a big butt or you're not. There are some women who won't take "no" for an answer and instead opt for elective surgery to increase the size of their butts. It is an indisputable fact that most men like women with big butt; eventhough some men also have delight in women with slimy ass.

Most women want to look attractive to men so they exercise to give them good body and shape. Others who cannot withstand the label go for either fat grafting famously referred to as (Brazilian Butt Lifter BBL), and fat transfer.

The fat transfer process uses your own body's own natural fat which then graft to your gluteal tissue to give you a more contoured look.

Let me take you through the history of butt implant: Dr. RJ Bartels was credited with creating the first butt implant in 1969. He and his team were under the impression that they could do it successfully if they used a standard breast implant. The results from that very first butt implant surgery were less than optimal. It did not have a natural look to it and this was because the implant was primarily designed for breasts, not butts. Not to mention he put the implant between the skin and the gluteus maximus muscle. This led to it moving around and creating an extremely unnatural appearance.

That literally allowed the patient to manually re-arrange the shape of her butt with her hands.

Flash forward to a few years later (1984) and Argentinian surgeon Jose Robles decided to try putting an implant between the 2 layers of muscle in the butt. He called this procedure a "submusculargluteoplasty". It was the best working butt implant so far…but it was very technically challenging and no surgeon really wanted to attempt it.

After a few decades of trial and failure, doctors realized that the human butt was never going to accept an artificial implant. Unlike the human breasts, the butt is naturally designed to take on a lot of weight and stress. No implant would ever stand the stresses created on a daily basis by the butt.

The implant itself is not dynamic. This means that it has one shape and one shape only. While your butt will get bigger with an implant, it will not look natural. The shape and the size will appear "off". The implant itself could come loose and you'll have to undergo the knife yet again and deal with a painful 4-6 week healing process. Butt implants are considered an aesthetic, or cosmetic, procedure. These types of procedures aren't deemed medically necessary and aren't covered by insurance.

Surgeon fees can also vary based on where you live. Buttock implants are on the rise, but this doesn't mean they're right for everyone. Apart from the process being very expensive, it does not guarantee you a successful one. This is because it is associated with countless health complications. You may be a good candidate for butt implants if you:recently lost weight and have also lost some of the natural shape of your buttocks, when you want to fight natural signs of aging such as sagginess and flatness etc.

Every man's taste is different from each other, hence your slimy shape will definitely attract some men. We have to fight and stop butt augmentation ; even though it is nice and attractive but it is not the best For some reason, a lot of women continue to die chasing the big butt dreams-but this does not stop more women from taking up the deadly voyage…

From the works of quack doctors to those using homemade chemicals for butt injection, it usually ends in a disaster-and yet, we see some everyday .

Big butt is not an antidote for winning the heart of a man, it can only lure him to bed.

Source: By Bernard Yawson-Scott, Student Journalist (GIJ)