New strain of coronavirus more dangerous - Expert warns

Coronavirus active caes are rising in Ghana Coronavirus active caes are rising in Ghana

The Head of Department of Medical Biochemistry at the School Of Medical Science, University of Cape Coast Dr Akwasi Anyanful has explained that the novel Coronavirus keeps mutating and adopting different forms in order to survive in different environments.

He says that the new variant of the virus is more dangerous because it transforms quickly and presents different symptoms resulting in severe illness and more deaths.

There has been a massive increase in the active daily cases of Coronavirus over the past few weeks and the situation in the country keeps worsening as the daily infections moved from 200 to 700 cases.

To this end, some health experts have attributed the spike in infections to the new strain of the virus in the country.

Reacting to reports on the severity of the new variant on ATL FM, Dr Anyanful indicated that even though the government has made plans of procuring the vaccines for the country, there is not much research to guarantee the full efficiency of the vaccines in Africa.

"Even though the president said we will get the vaccines in March, let's be realistic, has Ghana got money even to get it in March? Did Ghana preorder because there was a large order? And which one are we getting?" he stated.

He further advised Ghanaians to continue adherence to the COVID-19 protocols to guarantee their safety in the meantime.

"Since we don't even know if the vaccines will be effective in Africans, let's stick to our current protocols- face shield, mask, sanitizing of hands, social distancing.", he noted.

He added, "If the government would invest and give everybody in Ghana a mask and force us to wear it for one month, we will be better off".

Source: ATL FM News