Parents making it challenging to manage Covid-19 – CHASS president

Akosombo International School Ghana Akosombo International School Ghana

The President of the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS), Yacoub Abubakar says parents are making it challenging for his outfit to manage the spread of Covid-19 in schools.

Speaking on JoyNews' The Probe on Sunday, he said revealing the medical status of students to their parents makes them act in an ad-hoc and hysterical manner which in turn threatens their work and tracing pattern.

"It isn't that we are suppressing information, but we are also trying to work in such a way that we do not create panic in the system.

"Parents will hear things and start putting up reactions that are uncontrollable. So we wish that first of all parents contact the school who will give them the necessary information.

"From the school level, if the case has been referred to the next level, then we will refer them for further information if they need it. So far we are managing the system although it is quite challenging," he said.

This development comes at a time where parents with wards at the Akosombo International School run to the school to see their wards after hearing that 42 cases had been recorded at the school.

In the spirit of professionalism, he stated that his outfit would never suppress any kind of information from parents relating to a child's welfare.

"There has not been an occasion where we have withheld information from parents about their wards by just telling them they should be rest assured that they are been taken care of.

"No, anytime a referral is made outside, the next point is to call the parent and inform them about the situation," he added.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of National Inspectorate Board (NIB) has revealed that 79 people have tested positive to Covid-19 at the Akosombo International School.

She explained that among these 79 cases, five of them are staff members and 74 are students. About 500 samples were tested after the first case was recorded.

Mr Abubakar encouraged students to be judicious in wearing their masks, "especially when they are in the classrooms and within the compound and even at their dormitories"

Currently, the country has recorded 791 new cases, 70,046 confirmed cases, 449 deaths and a total of 63,502 recoveries.