Safe Haven Cancer Support Centre to embark on global health walk & fundraising exercise

Janet Brakohiapa, Co-funder, Safe Haven Cancer Support & Safe Haven Cancer Society Janet Brakohiapa, Co-funder, Safe Haven Cancer Support & Safe Haven Cancer Society

The Safe Haven Cancer Support Society and the Safe Haven Cancer Society will embark on a health walk exercise in three countries across the globe – Ghana, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The health walk, which will start at the Ridge Church, Accra and will continue through some principal streets of Accra and back to the Ridge Church. The exercise will take place on Saturday October 2 and has been scheduled to start at 7AM GMT in Ghana, 10AM EST in Canada and 8AM GMT in the UK.

On Sunday October 3, a health talk dubbed "Breast Cancer treatment, both body and mind" will be held as part of the exercise and will be hosted by Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario.

A virtual fund raising event with entertainment will also take place on Saturday, 9th October followed by the privately-funded organization's annual event, Hats for Health on Saturday, 30th October 2021.

Safe Haven Cancer Support Centre and Safe Haven Cancer Society were the inspiration of Janet Brakohiapa, a cancer survivor who after going through the treatments which saved her life wanted to share the experience with others who are apprehensive about the disease, the symptoms and effects of the treatments.

Together with her brother, a radiologist, Janet started Safe Haven Cancer Support Centre in Ghana with the main objective to provide basic and general information about cancer, particularly breast cancer and also to bring some awareness and education about how early detection can save and lengthen the lives of people who have been diagnosed.

The organization wants to spread the message that life goes on, during and after a cancer diagnosis while offering information on where cancer patients can find resources and supports to help them manage their lives during and after treatment.

Janet, co-founder, soon realised that this service was needed not only in Ghana but also in her community in Canada.

Since their inception, the organisations have been a source of information, encouragement and hope for cancer victims and their families, newly diagnosed patients and cancer survivors.