The Use Of Contraceptive

The Use Of Contraceptive The Use Of Contraceptive

Contraceptive pills known by many are taken by most women to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Thus, they are used as a means of birth control. Some families have their birth intervals planned and they therefore resort to the intake of contraceptive pills which are mostly taken by the mother although there are a lot more birth control measures.

A lot of questions have been asked why men do not take these contraceptive pills since they rather produce sperms and release them into women. Should men take the pills, it may neutralise the sperm hence, when it is released into a woman it may not be able to fertilise any egg. This idea isn’t a bad one though.

Some women showed concern in the daily intake of the contraceptive pills.  The concerns showed include, its tiring to take a pill everyday especially when your husband wants to have sex every day. Others were, often intake of the pills increases the level of side effects these pills come with. Some testified how the pills has made them gain a lot of weight and how tiring it has become for them.

Should the givers (being the men) also partake in the daily intake of the pills, these women(receivers) will somehow be saved. Many also do not believe in these contraceptives. People whom these pills have failed shared their stories too and from their experience, one could tell the pills are not 100% reliable.

The young guys off late prefer an unprotected sex to a protected sex. Hence, the young ladies who also become their prey suffer the consequences by taking these pills more often than necessary.

There are many birth control measures as stated earlier therefore, dear women if the pills are not helping you, tell you husband, visit the clinic/hospital with him, talk to a doctor and know which of the measures will be okay for, go for that option and save yourself, your family and your marriage as well.

Dear young guys, STI’s are real protect yourself now and save your future. Protect yourself and save that lady the stress. She might end up being someone’s wife thus save her from any future embarrassment.

Rachel Abrah-Mintah

Student Journalist.