WNF recognizes Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine as an educational Member

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The World Naturopathic Federation, (WNF), based in Canada, has accepted and recognized Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine as one of the educational members providing recognized and standardized Naturopathic Medicine education in Ghana and Africa.

The World Naturopathic Federation, (WNF), as part of their requirement only accepts Naturopathic universities whose curriculum meets the World Health Organization benchmarks for Naturopathic Medicine. The WHO, benchmarks for Naturopathic educationstates that the minimum standard for a naturopathic program should consists of 1500 hours including 400 hours of supervised clinical practice, however, according to the World Naturopathic Federation(WNF), 2021, report on naturopathic education globally, current situation posit that 52% of the global naturopathic educational programs exceed a total of 4000 hours (including supervised clinical practice). The content of Naturopathic education consists of the following: • Naturopathic history, philosophy, principles, and theories • Naturopathic medical knowledge • Clinical practice • Naturopathic modalities and therapeutics • Ethics and business practices • Research.

The Canadian based federation, also affirmed that, there are currently five naturopathic educational programs identified in Africa. Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine Naturopathic medicine program in Ghana and Africa surpasses the WHO requirement with over 5,000 hours of supervised clinical training for Naturopathic Medical Students. The curriculum for Naturopathic Medicine at Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine also meets the modern Naturopathic education with students being train by Medical doctors in the clinical training programs.The world Naturopathic Federation is the global umbrella for Naturopathic Medicine Profession. Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine is the first and leader in Naturopathic Medicine education in Ghana accredited and recognized by the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Council of the ministry of health.

The WNF and its members recognize the importance of high educational standards and the relationship between education, accreditation, regulation and public safety. Hence, their educationalanalysis in 2021 confirmed that there has been tremendous growth in the number of naturopathic educational programs around the world over the last forty-years and the trend is for them to be longer. WNF, 2021, notes: "It is noteworthy that as of 2021, 52% of all naturopathic programs are over 4000 hours in length. The WNF supports the emerging trend of two distinct naturopathic programs, one being commensurate to that of a naturopathic doctor program (4000+ hours) and the other a naturopathic program (2500-hours) for naturopaths". They further emphasized: "We trust that this analysis will serve as a guide to government, naturopathic organizations, and educational institutions offering a naturopathic program on what to expect from naturopathic graduates and how to strengthen naturopathic educational programs globally"

Naturopathy being an emerging field in the healthcare sector, The World Naturopathic Federation, (WNF), 2021, educational reports encourages all naturopathic educational institutions to maintain or work towards program accreditation and to meet the highest naturopathic educational standards in their country.

The NyarkoteyCollege of Holistic Medicine was established in 2016, has gained popularity as one of the leading forces providing scientific-based Naturopathic Medicine curriculum globally and the leader in modern naturopathy in Ghana and Africa.

The college currently has over 100 students with two campuses; one at Ashaiman behind the Municipal Assembly and Tema community 7, Post office.The college has future plans to offer degree programs in Chiropractic Medicine, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, osteopathy, and many more.The College has many international affiliations as well.Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct system of Medical practice which utilizes scientific conventional protocols as well as natural remedies to heal patients.

Prof. Raphael NyarkoteyObu, who is considered as the father of modern Naturopathic Medicine in Ghana explained that this new recognition by the World Naturopathic Federation demonstrates that, Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine is the future Naturopathic university of choice in Ghana and Africa.He said Naturopathic doctors are integral in the healthcare system globally with a distinct scope of practice. It is therefore Paramount that Ghana trains qualified Naturopathic doctors to act as primary healthcare Physicians. He said, Medicine has evolved and we must all embrace the new era of integrative Healthcare. "Naturopathic doctors are not in competition with conventional doctors or healthcare workers. We all work as a team and recognizes the impact of conventional medicine as well as we know none is superior. Besides, no one is an island, he said.

Recently, in the World Naturopathic Federation, educational report, 2021, the federation also recognizes the great strides of Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine in Africa.

Source: Dr. Raphael NyarkoteyObu, ND, PhD