2ND Lady Sexually Abused! Arrest NDC Ayamba Now.

2ND Lady Sexually Abused! Arrest NDC Ayamba Now. 2ND Lady Sexually Abused! Arrest NDC Ayamba Now.

………Fulanis Demand

BY: Abugri Sumaila Haruna.

A local chapter of persons of Funani extraction in the Kussaug traditional area, named “Fulani Association of Bawku-Binduri” in the Upper East region, has called on state security apparatus to immediately arrest one Paul Abagre Ayamba, Binduri Constituency deputy communications officer of the National Democratic Congress[NDC], for ‘sexually abusing’ the second lady, Samira Bawumia.

The group, in a release jointly signed by five local executives, described as disturbing, some unprintable words used by Mr Ayamba in a Facebook post in responds to the second lady, after she [Samira Bawumia], tasked Ghanaians to challenge her husband, the vice president with facts and not insults.

Mr Ayamba, according to the group, described the second Lady as a prostitute, thus accusing her of infidelity.

In the released, the unhappy youth, further stated that Mr Ayamba, threw manners to hungry dogs as he  unacceptably addressed the second lady  in his post thus “when small boys were f***k**g you, where was your husband.”

The group says it finds it difficult to fathom why, the NDC communications officer, will verbally attack the second lady in such a manner, albeit unprovoked.

Mr Ayamba, is said to have ethnocentrically abused all fulanis and ladies in general as the group quotes him saying “stupid Fulani Woman”. The group said it is scandalized and extremely hurt by the insulting and ethnocentric posture of the NDC officer.

The association, says it finds it difficult to come to terms over the total silence of the National Democratic Congress(NDC), following the ethnocentric and barbaric comments by its officer and called on the party to state it stance.

The Kadiru Mohammed Mumuni-led press release noted that such comments do not foster inter-tribal peaceful co-existence.

The group also called on the Bawku inter-ethnic peace committee, the Kussaug traditional council, CSOs, Gender Rights Activists among others, to call the said Ayamba to order.

The group further demanded an unconditional apology from Ayamba within five days, else he will face their undisclosed wrath.

Below is the release copied to The Herald newspaper.


Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press and thank you for honoring our invitation to cover this press conference upon your short notice.

We are scandalized and extremely hurt by the event that occasioned this press conference. The Fulani Association of Bawku is an association of all Fulani communities within the Kusaug Traditional Area.

Our attention has been drawn to insulting and ethnocentric comments made by the NDC Deputy Communication Officer for Binduri Constituency, Mr. Paul Abagre Ayamba on Fulani people.

The Second Lady in an interview on Asempa FM “Ekonsiisen” programme which was subsequently published on ghanaweb.com on 10th March 2020 made an intelligent appeal to politicians to always challenge her husband (Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia) with facts rather than throwing insults at him.

In reaction to this harmless appeal, the Deputy Communication Officer made ethnocentric comments against the entire Fulanis in Ghana by describing her as a “Stupid Fulani woman”. What at all have Fulanis done to the Deputy Public Relation Officer of the NDC in Binduri Constituency to warrant this insult? Couldn’t he have responded to her statement without bringing her tribe into it?

We the Fulani Association do not only find these comments as derogatory and ethnocentric but also an attack on all Fulanis and other minority tribes within Binduri and beyond.  These tribally segregating comments have the potential of derailing the peace that co-exists between the various tribes in Binduri,

It is equally disturbing to note that Mr Paul Abagre Ayamba, sexually abused the Second Lady, calling her a “prostitute” upon no provocation at alland proceeded to accuse her of infidelity. Mr Abagre wrote (and I quote) “when small boys were f***k**g you, where was your husband?”. These comments are an attack on all women irrespective of their tribe.

It’s a taboo in our tradition for a married woman to engage in an extra-marital affair. We are very scandalized to hear of these allegations against our sister. Our identity and tradition as Fulanis is under attack and we wish Mr. Paul Abagre Ayamba is compelled to substantiate these allegations.

We call on the state security apparatus to act swiftly in defense of Article 17(2) of the 1992 constitution which states, “that no citizen shall be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race or religion” and pick Mr. Paul Abagre Ayamba up for questioning.

Our Association is observing with keen interest, and will advise ourselves on an appropriate course of action in due time, if the state fails to act to protect our identity and culture.

We have noted with great disappointment that since Mr. Abagre’s unprovoked tribal and sexually abusive comments, neither the NDC Constituency Executives nor the MP for Binduri, Hon. Dr Robert Baba Kuganab-Lem has issued any statement to distance themselves and condemn the conduct of the Deputy Communication Director. Why is the NDC party quiet on this issue? Should we understand their silence to mean they validate Mr Abagre’s comments?

Our Association finds the continuous silence of the NDC Leadership in Binduri as disturbing as the comments made by its Deputy Communications officer.  We therefore call on the NDC and Hon. Dr. Robert Baba Kuganab-Lem to do the needful. We specifically call on them to condemn and distance themselves from the comments of the Deputy Communications Officer and institute disciplinary measures against him immediately.

We also call on the Kusaug Traditional Council, the Bawku Inter-Ethnic Peace Committee, Gender Rights Activists, CSO’s, Human Rights Organizations and peace loving Ghanaians to condemn Mr Paul Abagre Ayamba and order him to as a matter of urgency retract these tribal insults and apologize unconditionally to all Fulanis or face our wrath within 5 days.

The group further uses this opportunity to caution all political parties to treat us with outmost respect in their public engagements. The Fulanis are very cognizant of our right to personal dignity. For that matter any attempt to trample upon this right will be met with full resistance going forward.

Thank you.


Kuridu Mohammed Mumuni
(President- Fulani Association of Bawku ( “Pulaaku” Bawku))

Abdulai Malik Ayambil
(Vice President- Fulani Association of Bawku ( “Pulaaku” Bawku))

(Organizer- Fulani Association of Bawku ( “Pulaaku” Bawku))

( Secretary- Fulani Association of Bawku ( “Pulaaku” Bawku))

Sulemana M. Jawo
(Treasurer- Fulani Association of Bawku ( “Pulaaku” Bawku))


Bawku Inter-ethnic Peace Committee.

All Media Houses.

Source: theheraldghana.com