Arrogant Jane Mensa’s peace call must remain in her ugly head.

Jean Mensa, Chairperson of EC Jean Mensa, Chairperson of EC

It is very disgusting and sickening when pretenders take all of us for fools. The reward for hypocrisy, our elders say, is disgrace and humiliation.

Ghana's electoral commission boss, Jezebel Jane Mensah has hypocritically and sycophantically took all Ghanaians for dupes. The slaying-camera-loving Jane who spend valuable resources and time on make-ups to secure an artificial younger age decided to throw fictitious, fabricated and manipulated electoral rigged figures favoring the incumbent ruling party.

At the time well-meaning Ghanaians expressed concerns with the blatant disregard by the electoral body to listen to grievances raised by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), relative to the general elections, Jane Mensah whose demeanor and public posture manifest that of an electoral thief, defied all wise counsel, went ahead to declare her brother as winner in a disputed elections.

Shamefully, she ended her disgraceful, most incompetent declaration by demanding for peace in the country. Absolute nonsense!

Does Jane Mensah understand what peace really is? Was she speaking the opposite or dreaming? What sort of peace was Jane talking about? Hypocrisy and babbling stupidity. When you decided to shun calls from prominent persons and groups demanding for a proper coalition of the results, you have the guts to be talking about peace? History will find a black page for you and your paymasters should anything happens to this poor country due to your unstable incompetent results. One elections with six different figures? Shame on you.

I will willingly release my two-year-old pupil to perfectly tabulate the elections results to safe the nation from the embarrassment that you arrogantly and shamefully plugged us into.

Let that mockery of your peace call remain in your ugly head. Peace only survives where there is justice.

Source: By Haruna Sumaila Abugri.