Binduri: Defeated MP Detailed Men To ‘Ransack' office Of Minister's Aid

Dr. Kuganab-Lem Dr. Kuganab-Lem

The Bawku Technical Institute office of an aid to Member of Parliament (MP) for Binduri and deputy minister-designate, was reported to have been ransacked by armed security personnel allegedly sent by the former MP, Dr. Kuganab-Lem.

The security officials drawn from the National Investigative Bureau Defense Intelligence Unit under the 'dictates' of the outgone legislator, are said to have unceremoniously stormed the office of One Ayanaba Rasheed, demanding that he releases his professional certificate as a trained teacher.

Mr Rasheed, an aid to the Member of Parliament for Binduri and deputy minister designate for works and housing, who is said to have been teaching Information and Communication Technology (ICT), at the school for the past decade was amazed at the posture of the security officers.

Claiming to be acting on an official order, they demanded that he shows to them his professional qualification documents, insinuating that the Minister's aid does not have the requisite qualifications to teach in a second cycle school. During the interrogation, Mr Rasheed Ayanaba, showed them a copy of his first degree certificate which they took a snapshot of with their phone and left.

Not satisfied with the 'storm-visit', Mr Rasheed after the interrogations went to the office of the National Investigations Bureau (NIB) to make an official complaint and to his surprise, the NIB Boss stationed at Bawku, claimed that his outfit is not aware of the investigation and that he has not sanctioned same.

Days after the incident, Mr Rasheed, said he was shocked to see a Facebook comment made by one Akugre Albert; said to be a close associate of Dr. Robert Kuganab-lem where he quoted the exact date of which Mr. Rasheed's certificate was issued. This, he stated did not go down well with him.

Mr Rasheed Ayanaba, has since threatened to take a legal action against the two security personnel for false investigations and also for divulging his personal information to his political opponents.

This, The Herald learned got the security personnel frightened and they have since begged Mr Rasheed to let the matter down. They have also confessed that they were sent by Dr. Robert Kuganab-lem.

They security personnel is said to have rendered an unqualified apology to Mr. Rasheed and pleaded with him not to take any legal action against them.

Mr Rasheed who said he was terrified told this paper that "I thought Dr Robert would've learnt a lesson after the painful defeat he suffered in the hands of Hon. AbdulaiAbanga, but he hasn't. He is still the old vindictive, bully, divisive and incompetent person we know him for".

Calls placed to the Vodafone number of Dr. Kuganab-Lem as at press time, went unanswered.