Builsa South Coordinating Director Corroborate Dr Apaak Wrote To Request For Ghs180,000 To Sink  Boreholes

Dr Clement Abasiiknab Apaak Dr Clement Abasiiknab Apaak

The Coordinating Director for Builsa South District, Mohammed Bukari Mumuni, has corroborated the statement made by the Member of Parliament (MP) and NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Builsa South Constituency, Dr Clement Abasiiknab Apaak, saying he duly wrote a letter to request for a sum of GHS180,000 from his allocation of the District Common Fund to sink 10 boreholes for his constituents.

In a monitored rather poor telephone network connectivity conversation with the District Coordinating Director, Dr. Apaak was emphatic and insistent for his confirmation on the above statement, which the District Chief Executive for Builsa South District, Daniel Kwame Gariba, has sought to use in mischief to spread palpable falsehood to the contrary.

This is how the conversation went on phone. After exchanging pleasantries with the Coordinating Director of Builsa District, Dr Apaak, went on to ask for progress report on the current status of his application letter requesting the District Assembly to release GHS180,000 from his District Common Fund to sink 10 boreholes for selected communities. "How far with my request, for the boreholes?" Dr Apaak initiated.

This was the response from the District Coordinating Director. He said, "When I returned from Accra I reminded him." Apparently, the references made by Mr Mumuni weren't clear enough, urging Dr Apaak to reinforce for clarity.

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Dr Apaak is heard in the conversation saying, "You reminded who?" But Mr Mumuni again appeared evasive with his responses, tersely saying,"Honourable," falling short for a straightforward answer.

But Dr Apaak was insistent, demanding for affirmative and straightforward responses. So he chipped in this bit, "Ah, the DCE?" It was at this juncture that Mohammed Bukari Mumuni conclusively confirmed, saying, "He said he'd work on it for me." But the DCE, Daniel Kwame Gariba, who also doubles as the NPP parliamentary candidate for Builsa South Constituency, has already denied the claims made by the Member of Parliament for Builsa South Constituency, citing them as his projects.

Also, the DCE of Builsa South District, Mr Gariba, has claimed the NPP initiated and working on other projects such as the Santijan bridge over River Sisili near Yiapala in the Builsa District, the completed and commissioned Fumbisi Senior High School female students dormitories with capacity for 250 students apiece and a dinning hall project with seating capacity of 1,500 students, and others more started under the Mahama government. This behaviour is consistent with the Akufo-Addo government, who as President of the Republic of Ghana claimed to have initiated the Tema Motorway Roundabout, the Pokuase and the Obetsebi Lamptey Interchanges. These have been profusely refuted by records found in the parliamentary book of records, the Hansard.

Daniel Kwame Gariba also suffers similar credibility challenges in the district much as in the constituency. His name appeared on record as one of the individuals who hatched a micro-finance scheme to defraud unsuspecting depositors. Similarly, he has been exposed as the mastermind who provided official sanctions for rosewood operators to fell from the savanna woodlot conserved in the district to halt the southward advancing desert.

Source: www.theheraldghana.com