Don't Trust Kennedy Agyapong!

Don't Trust Kennedy Agyapong! Don't Trust Kennedy Agyapong!

In Ghana, it is very easy to become popular by deliberately dragging others down to look good. This has become the order of the day which most Bloggers, Politicians and some Celebrities, are using to gain fame & followers.

It is a known fact that, there are some charlatans masquerading as men of God, Mallams and Traditionalists and some Politicians are not different from them.

On this score, I associate myself to some extent with the exposure going on at NET2 TV, about fake men of God. Unfortunately, I do not take any pleasure in the downfall of other people.

But make no mistake, the messenger Kennedy Agyapong, is at his best obfuscating issues to suit his interest like he usually does.

There are so many questions about KEN begging for answers, which we have not taken a critical look at.

How did he become so popular all of a sudden? Is it based on his performance as a legislator? Or because, he is doing so well in his constituency? Was he around in those days of the culture of silence that took people to prisons or was he less than 18 years then?

His popularity was mainly based on attacking reputable personalities in Ghana that hitherto, were treated as sacred cows. I recall how the late Former Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Jake Obetsebi Lamptey (RIP) narrated Ken's coming into mainstream politics.

He said that KEN was introduced to him as being among the few helping the party in the central region, around the year 2000 and thus he should be given the opportunity to catch up.

Suddenly, after getting to Parliament and making some more money because of Ex president John Agyekum Kuffour’s generosity, he started attacking many of the big shots, including Jake, one of his benefactors. And when Kwdwo Owusu Afriyie, popularly called, Sir John jumped to Jake’s defence, he quickly went to Ghana National Petroleum Commission’s (GNPC) archives were Sir John, had some scores to settle and used that against him during their National Executive election. Unfortunately his candidate didn't win and Kwebena Agyapong, who won became his mortal enemy.

Tactics & Strategies

His strategy has been that, any time he fishes out information about somebody that is not damaging or evidently clear enough for criminal charges, he resorts to direct attacks and insults, ensuring that the person is weakened. We all recall how Kwabena Agyapong and Paul Afoko, former General Secretary and  National Chairman of the NPP, got their fair share of dirty insults on Oman FM, paving the way for John Boadu to take over. Ghana, Hmmmmm. JB a classic puddle of KEN.

Politics of Threats:

All he does is to fish out scandalous information about political leaders and threaten to hold their balls when they fail to play his cards, especially within his own party. After successful execution, it sits so well to put fear in some people that  he extended it out and proceeded to build a whole secretariat for this blackmail business headed by Yaw Adomako Baafi.

Political Opponents:

In no order of role, he started attacking Jerry John  Rawlings and his family, saying whole lot about them and insulting anybody who tried to defend them. Ex President J.A. Kuffour, also got his fair share of his diatribes based on cracks within the party then.

Neither, did he spare his chief of staff and all perceived friends of Kuffour. When the current Veep, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, was first selected, we all saw his insults on him and how he pulled him down. This brought him into the lime light and the attacks became incessant.

When he insults these high profile personalities, he gains fame and some support, because in Ghana we naturally speak ill of successful personalities, so the higher you get in life, the more your enemies. This attitude has also fuelled his behaviour.

Business Men:

Paul Afoko, Allan Kwadwo Kyeremateng, Ibrahim Mahama, Alhaji Asoma Banda and  KwasiTwum of Multi-media, are few among the rich business men he personally attacks on his FM Station (Oman FM) daily.

Those not mentioned here, were also put in one bracket and tagged as allegedly dealing with narcotic drugs to attain their success.

On Nana Aba Anamao’s show, he claimed that "almost 90% of business men in Ghana” dealt in narcotic drugs to make money. This is an allegation he hates to be accused of and whenever he is associated with same, he could “kill someone” and curse the person accusing him.

Reputable Organisations:

From the Peace Council, Christian Council, Centre for Democratic Development (CDD), Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ghana police council to Criminal Investigations Department (CID) office, have all been taken to the cleaners, whenever he deems it fit or disagrees with them.

The only exception, being the chief Imam’s office. In fact, there is no reputable office that Kennedy Agyapong, hasn't attacked with insults.

Criminal Threats:

This is an endless area that if I were to start now, I wouldn't end, but to mention few, we all recall the threats on Mr Afoko and Mr Agyapong on public radio, Ahmed Hussein Suale, the slain journalist, who worked with Anas Armeyaw Anas’s Tiger Eye PI and how he put a price on his head for anybody who sees him anywhere to beat him. He did the same thing to the lady in the sex video scandal involving the minister of National Security, Kan Daapa and as usual went free. Currently, Kelvin Tailor, has been dared to step foot in Ghana.

He always ends his threats by saying "we are in power now"

Insulting Women:

The former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Madam Charlotte Osei's unprintable insults remain indelible with some of us who adore women.

Pastor Daniel Obinim's wife, Florence Obinim,  has equally been dealt with, Otiko Djaba, got her share too with the exception of Afia Scharzeneger, who refused to go down without fighting back.

Madam Ursula Owusu, Minister of Communications,  also didn't allow him to mess around with her, but how many of Ursula and Afia’s  kind do we have? All these women advocacy groups, couldn't utter a word because the fear has settled and they dared not attempt that with KEN, because he can be very dirty.

Contract Seeking:

When all this fear is thrown in the atmosphere who are you to stop Ken Agyapong from biding or taking the juiciest contracts for himself or his wives? The only politician whose wife got the first $100 million under this administration, the second and third wives, have equally gotten other contracts. These are completely different from the main contracts given to him. Yet he's mad at McDan for getting a contract at the airport. What a greedy man.


Bullying his way out to always stand tall, Over three years ago, Ken himself said he was not going to contest again as an MP. Then a young man started lacing his shoes to step in...Massa! come and see insults and attacks on chiefs in his Constituency and any person who supported the youngman. He has created this niche for himself, so that even Chiefs dare not ask him questions.

His philanthropic lifestyle, is calculated, there is no way he will give something without coming to tell the whole world. Although it helps others, it is solely for media hype. What his right hand gives, he left hand will broadcast to the world, at the least provocation.

Kennedy Agyapong, has destroyed a lot of political figures and heads of authorities, not because he is fighting corruption, but to amass personal wealth.

The ignorant would ask, what does he need again? Open your eyes, this is a man with 22 kids from nine (9) different women and has not stopped chasing women, so make no mistake to think he cares for you. He is doing all these populace damage control to run from the murder he subjected Amed Suale to. Which serious country will allow a legislator to subject an investigative journalist to this death and walk free, only in Ghana?


Thanks & B.rgds

JK Appiah Darko