E/R: MTTD Wages War On Careless Drivers As 60 People Die In 44 Days

MTTD Wages War MTTD Wages War

The Eastern Regional Commander of the Motor Transport and Traffic Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, Chief Superintendent Stephen Ahiatafu has hinted at plans by the department to clamp down on unlicensed drivers operating in the region.

This follows the killing of 60 persons in 45 road crashes recorded between January 2021 and February 13th in the region.

"From January to 13th February we had 60 people killed in the Eastern Region, and Kibi Division is leading that on Nsawam to Suhum area. In all, we have 45 accidents that were fatal. With that 45 accidents, 60 people were killed. You will be startled to note that commercial vehicles killed 19, private vehicles killed 8, motorcycle/tricycle killed 20 and then the pedestrian knockdowns were 13," Superintendent Stephen Ahiatafu said.

According to him, most of the pedestrian knockdowns "were caused by unlicensed drivers and we have to sound a warning to the pedestrians also that when they are walking on the road they must take their personal security in their own hands. It is far better to face a vehicle than the car coming from your back. It is dangerous. So these pedestrian knockdowns can be avoided so let us see how we can protect our personal safety when we are walking on the streets because our roads are not pedestrian favourable so we have to take that protection"

Superintendent Ahiatafu indicated analysis by the MTTD shows that "motorcycles and tricycles are killing more people than the vehicles and most of them didn't have a license so we are going to embark on series of checks on them, the public should not take it to mean the police is harassing them. When we arrest you we will ensure that the law takes its course. I will like to emphasize that those who give vehicles to drivers without a license will also be charged"

He also told Starr News that the Police will clampdown on unregistered vehicles.

Meanwhile, two drivers have been prosecuted and convicted by the court this week for careless driving.

The convicts are ApentengOfosuhene, 42, a spiritualist and AdamuMusah, 27.

Ofosuhene was found guilty on charges of careless driving, negligently causing harm and driving without a license and sentenced to three years and four months imprisonment.

The convict knocked down a woman to death while driving a Honda Pilot with registration number ER 518-15.

The owner of the private car has also been charged.

AdamuMusah was convicted to a fine of Ghc12,000 in default serves three years jail sentence.

Source: Starr FM