Ghana Has No Direction As A Country – Nunoo-Mensah

Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah

Former Chief of Defense Staff, Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah has said Ghana has no vision and direction as a country.

He made this observation while speaking on the constant neglect of projects started by previous governments.

According to him, a country with a working agenda will prioritize continuity regarding its developmental projects.

Speaking on Onua FM's morning show with host Kwame Tutu, Mr. Nunoo Mensah, said it is a sin against God not to continue projects started by previous governments.

"I don't even understand it, I have never seen it before. That we spend money constructing estates and the next government doesn't continue but starts its own project. All the monies in the project goes to waste," he said in Twi.

He further mentioned government officials do not have the well-being of the country at heart, and that they only think of driving around in luxurious cars. He said the simple reason for the many abandoned projects is that the country has no national agenda.

Mr. Nunoo-Mensah noted we are headed nowhere as a country since there is no clear cut plan.

"Only God knows where we are going. As a nation, we don't know where we are going. No national plan, no national agenda. The country is dying, Ghana is dying," he stated.

He admonished politicians to have love for the country and not to think of acquiring wealth when put in government positions.

Source: 3 News