Ghanaian Times Workers Lock Horns With Management Over State Of Their  Provident Fund .

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Some aggrieved workers of the New Times Corporation, are demanding accountability of their Provident Fund from Management as to how it is being managed.

They are questioning, how the fund which was being managed by Gold Coast Security, changed to GCB which became the new managers.

According to the contention of the aggrieved workers how come a company with the expertise in managing their provident fund was not maintained or chosen, but rather a commercial bank like GCB without their consent.

The furious workers are, therefore worried about the use of their money in an investment with Treasury Bills at GCB and are already threatening to stage a demonstration against management if nothing was done to their Funds.

Again, they demanded to know the actual balance of their Provident Fund in-house and also, expect quarterly update from management.

The aggrieved concerned staff also complained about their Tier 2 which they indicated, had not been paid for sometime now.

They alleged that because, the current MD together with the HR/Administration Manager, who were the only signatories to the account, had gone behind the workers to take proforma invoices to purchase a Toyota Prado 4X4 vehicle for the MD

They expressed their worry about the way nothing good seems to be functioning at the corporation including delay of salaries, yet management is on its way to purchase an expensive vehicle for the MDwhom they accuse coming to work and draw his office curtains to watch staff movement in performing their duties on daily bases as if he was appointed for that purpose instead of looking for business for the Corporation like some good Managing Directors like LateNanabanyin Pratt who used to lobby for businesses from the Ministries and friends. They asked whether the MD also have friends who can give him business. The MD, they said lacks vision and strategies to turn things around.

They have, therefore wondered why the National Media Commission (NMC) is still keeping him in office, although available evidence shows New Times Cooperation is retrogressing .

They alleged that the interest of the MD, is to pay unnecessary supplies with the intention of taking his kickback, whiles leaving out important things unattended to.

Staff desks and chairs they hinted, are death trap, making it very stressful to workers to sit and work for the eight hours on daily bases. They said thing are so bad to the extend that staff are sharing computers to work.

All they can see is punishing and transferring staff anyhow, fixing some at wrong department like the saying goes" " putting square pegs in round holes" to underscore his office politicking.

Among the tall list of claims against him is what the workers say is his poor working relationship with the workers.

"His work ethics is very poor and is full of insults and takes pleasure in punishing outspoken members", a staff member said.

They made a recall of what a former Managing Director said about the current MD, who said "Mr Martin Adu-Owusu is incompetent and she can not hand over the office to him" .

They also alleged that, the MD takes GHC2,500 for fuel a month and takes driver's allowance, but still uses the corporation's driver, whilst workers who are equally qualified for fuel are denied.

Again, management for years now, had deliberately stopped workers promotion and alleged that, the Corporation was now operating under overdraft, if government did not intervene, the Corporation would collapse.

The concern staff averted that, the Corporation was operating at a loss since 2020 to date, with Newspapers products being -10% and that of Advertisement -40%".

Meanwhile he fake information to the Minister of Information that the Corporation was making profit when the Minister paid a working visit to the Corporation. This is a big lie that cannot be substantiated.

They alleged that, due to the frequent locks of gate, the Corporation was owing Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), a colossal sums of money, including Electricity Company of Ghana, which had resulted in frequent power cut.

"Salaries are paid on monthly bases in batches since 2020. The situation is bad now". with many allowances scrubbed on staff only, but with management all allowances are untouched. Cutting staff allowance is Mr Adu-Owusu profit making strategy, and his only achievement is, punishing workers.

They further accused the current MD of operating with seven vehicles, whilst the Corporation was suffering and could not pay salaries of staff.

Management according to the concerned staff, auctioned many vehicles in 2020 and diverted regional distribution to the Graphic Communications Group Ltd (GCGL)

"The corporation owes Graphic Communications Group Ltd huge sum since 2017. We are still printing our newspapers at GCGL, and bills are going up again".

The workers therefore demanded explanations to why management continued to print at GCGL as the Corporation machines only needed servicing to function again.

The staff wonder what the Corporation Board of Director actual come to do on their meeting days, what is seen, is that, they only come to spend their whole day from 9am to 8pm for breakfast, lunch and dinner, yet no improvement or strategy, has been hatched to improve things in the corporation.