‘I didn’t physically attack nor bite the finger of Mireku Duker’ - Charles Bissue explains

Charles Bissue, Presidential Staffer Charles Bissue, Presidential Staffer

Charles Cromwell Nanabanyin Onuawonto Bissue, the Presidential Staffer infamous for the Galamsey task force saga, says he did not physically attack George Mireku Duker, who represents the people of Tarkwa-Nsuaem in Parliament.

"I neither physically attacked nor bit the finger of the MP for Tarkwa-Nsuaem Constituency, Honourable Mireku Duker as widely reported. I was not the aggressor in this situation, as it is not in my nature, as anyone who knows me could attest," Bissue said, denying media reports suggesting that he 'chewed off' the finger of the Tarkwa-Nsuaem MP.

Bissue, who is also the Western Regional Secretary of the incumbent NPP explained that some outrageous reports in the media misrepresented what actually transpired at the Party's meeting on Monday.

"In response to the outrageously false allegations printed in today's [Wednesday's] edition of The Daily Dispatch newspaper entitled 'NPP Regional Secretary bites NPP MP, blood flows' and Daily Guide newspaper entitled 'NPP Gurus Trade Blows' as well as earlier news articles from other online portals which began on Monday, 21 September 2020, I write to debunk those News Articles," parts of his statement read.

Charles Bissue indicated further that he will resort to the structures in the NPP to resolve his differences with the NPP amicably.

"Much as I would like to publicize my side of the unfortunate incident, I am guided by the fact that the NPP has an election to prosecute and anything that distracts from the telling of the unparalleled achievements of this government will be a great disservice to the country and the Party that I have faithfully served. I am guided, as always, not by self-interest but by greater ideals and loyalties, and a firm belief that justice serves those who serve others, and that truth and honesty always prevails," he said.

Meanwhile, George Mireku Duker has confirmed to the Daily Guide newspaper that he had fisticuffs with Charles Bissue.

Duker explained that he had complained to the regional executive that Bissue has been supporting an independent parliamentary nominee against him ahead of the December 7 Parliamentary election, a situation that is likely to lead to a loss for both he, Ducker, who is the NPP's parliamentary candidate, and the incumbent party in the general election.

Duker further narrated: "So at the meeting, I made the same complaint that there is an independent candidate in Tarkwa who is being supported by some regional executives [sic] so we should trash the issue here. After my presentation, I went to sit down.

But before the meeting came to an end, Lord Commey [a Presidential Staffer for special operations] asked Bissue to react to the issue I raised in three minutes. Bissue went for the microphone and said [that] I used to be his friend, but I visited him at his office one day and told him that he should not believe the President [but that I should] allow people to do galamsey or illegal mining."

Mireku Duker continued: "Those present were all surprised at the comment from Mr Bissue because he was pitting me against the President and so Lord Commey went for the microphone and said, 'this is not the issue we want you to discuss'".

Duker then added that Bissue was asked to sit down but that instead of going to sit on his chair, "He was coming to me as he shouted, 'I will beat you!' So, my chairman was even asking me to get up because Bissue was coming to me. Lo and behold! Bissue came to me and threw a blow at me and in defence, I also threw one at him but my finger went into his mouth and he chewed it."

George Mireku Duker added that he had a deep cut on the middle finger of his right hand. "I later went to the Jemimah Hospital for some treatment."

Earlier this week, some pictures of the former secretary to the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining (IMCIM) with a swollen face and eye almost went viral.

The photos, one of which shows a bloodied Bissue, with one of his eyes almost shut from, was said to be evidence of a Duker punch.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com