Let Us Work As A Team-Bem Banda Urges

Ben Abdallah Banda with staffs of the secretariat Ben Abdallah Banda with staffs of the secretariat

Ben Abdallah Banda, the newly appointed special Coordinator for the Zongo and Inner-City Development Secretariat(ZICDS) has urged the staff of the secretariat to redouble their efforts to ensure that the President's vision and mandate of the erstwhile Zongo Ministry, now a secretariat is achieved. To this end, a strong teamwork is highly needed, he adds.

In a maiden address, he advised the staff to bring out their best in their respective duties and exhibit strong teamwork towards work just as they (staff) did during the tenure of his predecessors.

A lawyer by profession, he stated that "I have come here to work with you and as a politician my days are numbered" so we need to achieve the president's goals for Zongos and Inner-City communities in earnest.

Giving a brief background of himself, the one-time Chairman of the Parliamentary Muslim Caucus, and that of the Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament, Mr Banda, said he comes to the table with a focus on achieving the mandate of the Zongo Development Secretariat under the office of the President.

Mr Banda, further stated that he is to continue with the work left by his predecessors and so expects a high productivity and a renewed attitude to duty from the staff.

He urged the staff to work diligently and in a cooperating manner to ensure a collective realization of "our mandate".

Source: www.theheraldghana.com