Mahama shocked about “fantastically outrageous” number of flashpoints  ……Says “it’s like we are going to war”!

Flagbearer of the NDC, John Mahama Flagbearer of the NDC, John Mahama

The flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the December 7 poll, John Dramani Mahama, has expressed concerned over the "fantastically outrageous" number of flashpoints identified by the Police administration ahead of the general election in December.

The former President, says the unprecedented nature of the numbers as announced by the Police make him wonder if Ghana was preparing to go for war.

"But if you look at these four thousand and something flashpoints, it's like we are going to war. I mean on what basis are they identifying them as flashpoints and what is the threat and what is the threat level for each particular flashpoint? What is likely to happen for them to say that those are flashpoints? No explanation".

Mr Mahama's concern comes on the back of a presser by the Police in October that it has identified over four thousand (4,000) flashpoints across the country.

The police again this month, further claimed it had identified more flash points pegging the total number now at 6,178. The areas were categorised into key flashpoints with the Ashanti Region topping with the most districts prone to violence.

The Police, has already furnished the National Election Security Taskforce with the details of these 4,098 flashpoints to guide its tactical arrangements and deployments across the country's 16 regions.

But some Ghanaians have expressed worry about the announced flashpoints fearing it maybe government's way of abusing the system to intimidate voters or suppress votes in areas that are known to be strongholds of the opposition party.

Reacting to the issue with TV XYZ's Eric Ahianyo days ago, Mr. Mahama said as a former president, he is aware anytime the police identified where as flashpoint; they assign some reason of a sort as to why those areas were categorized as flashpoint or hotspot.

However, he said in the recent announcement, the Police failed to provide details as to why such places were being identified as such.

"As president, I was head of the national security agency, I chaired the national Security Council meetings and before the elections, the Police and the security services come out with the flashpoints".

The former President continued "I have never seen such a fantastically outrageous number of flashpoint and the point is, for every flashpoint that is identified, the threat is indicated and so you might say the threat is clashes between party supporters.

That could be one of them or it might indicate some other threat but every flashpoint comes with a justification of why it has been identified as a flashpoint".

Mr Mahama, who is on the campaign trail in the northern part of the country will not divulge information as to what the security strategy of the NDC on Election Day except to say they are hoping that Ghanaians on the day play their constitutional role by being watchful.

He prayed they will do the needful by ensuring that every vote is counted to guarantee the integrity of the polls so that it is not compromised.

Mr Mahama, pledged that the NDC will not fall on any vigilante group to cause problem at the various polling station but tasked Ghanaians to ensure that anyone who comes to the polling stations to cause mayhem, is resisted and handed to the security agencies as the law requires.

"Well, we are putting our fate in the people of Ghana to protect the election and to make sure that their voices count and so I have said that people's power, people's action, everybody at the polling stations must make sure that the integrity of the polls is not compromised and so we count on the people of Ghana.

We are not going to deploy vigilante or arm people to causing trouble but if somebody comes to the polling station to cause trouble, unidentified, he is trying to misbehave, try to snatch ballot box, the constitution gives the people of Ghana to resist the person and so we are putting it in the hands of the people of Ghana to make sure that the integrity of this ballot is protected".