Market Closures Has Affected Revenue - Savannah Minister Laments

The Savannah Regional Minister The Savannah Regional Minister

The economic effects arising out of the Covid -19 pandemic is still being felt by many institutions one of which is the Savannah region.

According its Regional Minister, markets in the region which had to be closed down to avoid overcrowding has affected the revenue of a baby region which is struggling to raise revenue to run plans and programmes.

Mr Salifu Adam Briamah further said the occasional shutting down of the markets for disinfection and fumigation against the dreaded Covid-19 has worsen the revenue situation of the region.

"The revenues from markets were sustaining the region but the restrictions imposed on the markets and at some points its closure crippled the revenue of the region making us face financial challenges. "he stressed.

The Mole national park which was another avenue for revenue was completely shut down due to the order to close tourist sites according to the executive instrument of 164 which asked for all tourist sites to be closed down in the wake of the increasing cases in Ghana.

Speaking to Journalists last weekend at the launch of the region's version of the nationwide disinfection and fumigation exercise, the Minister indicated that the exercise undoubtedly is the best thing to have ever happened to the region in view of the fight against the Covid 19.

He said although the spraying has largely impacted positively, the regional coordinating council has not been able to do enough with the provision of nose masks to residents.

For him,It should have been an ideal thing to provide nose masks to vulnerable and less-privileged people in the region but the poor financial standing of the coordinating council will not allow that to happen.

He therefore gave the assurance thatthe coordinating council will do well to ensure that those who can afford will be made to buy and wear them whenever they are in public.

In all ,the 57 markets in the region were disinfected by Zoomlion sprayers who are undertaking the exercise which is paid for by government.

Some of these markets which were disinfected by the Zoomlion sprayers were the Damongo ,Fulfulso Junction the Saturday and the Yapei markets. Lorry parks as well as public toilets which are part of the public places were also disinfected.

The Municipal Chief Executive for West Gonja, Mr Saeed Muhazu Jibril who monitored the spraying, later told reporters about some other challenges he is facing in seeing to the implementation of the safety protocols.

He said dialogue has have to be used to get religious leaders to adhere to the safety protocols during services and that in some cases the people had to be educated to understand the benefits of the safety protocols .

Ten thousand (10,000) pieces of nose masks, he indicates has been procured by the Assembly which will be distributed to the residents.

Touching on the sanitation situation which was pretty obvious to be a challenge at the time of the disinfection exercise, Mr Jibril said various sites have been identified and refuse containers would be placed there for dumping.

The Northern regional manager for Zoomlion, Mr Peter Awuni who also has jurisdiction over the Savannah region expressed satisfaction about the scope of work .

For him, Zoomlion is always ready given its sophisticated equipment in addition to its experience over the years.

Source: By Patrick Biddah/