NDC Blows  EC Cover Again In Deletion of Names From Register

the Director of Election of the NDC, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah the Director of Election of the NDC, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has once again blown the cover of the Electoral Commission in what it's said, is the anomalies in the ongoing voter exhibition.

In a tall list of evidence to back its claims, the Director of Election of the NDC, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, accused the Jean Mensa-led Electoral Commission of deleting names of registered voters in the stronghold of the party.

Speaking at a press conference to provide the evidence of anomalies and under hand dealings, Mr Afriyie said the EC is conniving with the government of the day to deliberately reduce votes in the stronghold of the party by deleting names.

" From evidence gathered so far by our hardworking monitoring teams across the nation, the anomalies that have characterized the register can best be described as a comedy of errors that we predicted during the shambolic voter registration exercise. Never in our electoral history have we witnessed the display of such expensive incompetence by one of the most internationally revered institutions", he said

Key among the errors he said the monitoring team observed from the exercise, include outright omission or removal of registrants through duplication, mismatch of Personal Identification Numbers and multiple instances of same photograph on different ID Cards.

Under no circumstance he stressed, should any database, be it biometric or otherwise, have multiple people issued with the same Personal Identification Numbers (PIN).

"In other words, the uniqueness of a PIN must be guaranteed at all times in any credible database. We wish to state categorically that this was NOT the case in the previous register which the EC has thrown away. It is therefore sad that after spending almost 1 Billion Ghana Cedis to compile a new register, we have ended up with a register which does not guarantee the uniqueness of the PINs which is the most fundamental principle in a database ", he added.

To further buttress his claims, the Director of Election, gave statistics in some of the regions where there are deep seated anomalies.

"Many exhibition centres in the districts do not have Biometric Verification Devices (BVDs). For instance out of 1078 polling stations in the whole of the Western North region, only 400 had BVDs. This means that the BVDs are not been used to verify people on the register in this exhibition exercise even though the EC budgeted for these devises and was supposed to procure them for use at every polling station", he pointed out.

"There are several instances of disparities between details of printouts obtained during registration and the information on the provisional register being exhibited", he further revealed.

"There were missing names, replication of names, swapping of photographs and differences in ID Numbers at virtually all centres visited. In Asunafo South Constituency in the Ahafo Region for instance, male photos on the register were used for female registrants and vice versa and names are missing from the register. Some of those successfully challenged still have their names on the register. In Asunafo North, one photograph was used for several people on the register", he added.

In the case of the short code, he said many Ghanaians, have described the short code (1422) announced by the EC as a scam. This is because the information returned by the system usually belonged to a different registrant.

"In some other cases those who out of curiosity visited their exhibition centres after verifying with the short code were shocked to find out that their names were missing from the register although the system had verified them via the short code", he said.

In spite of all these, he sent a warming to the EC saying any member of the party who has a voter ID will vote no matter what and the intimidating tactics by the government will not work this time around.

Source: By Patrick Biddah/www.theheraldghana.com