NDC and NPP Karaga parliamentary aspirants in blame game after clashes

Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam and Alhassan Sualihu Dandawaa Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam and Alhassan Sualihu Dandawaa

The issue of clashes between supporters of the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress in the Karaga Constituency has turned into a blame game as the NPP candidate for the area is calling for the arrest of the incumbent MP.

The Member of Parliament for the area, Alhassan Sualihu Dandawaa alleged on Monday that he and his supporters were attacked without any intervention from the police.

"As we speak, about three of my party supporters are seriously injured. My worry is that, in the full glare of the police, the NPP supporters are holding the rifles and weapons but the police cannot make a single arrest. This is very unfortunate. This has never happened here", he complained.

Warning of the consequences of the attack, the MP said the NDC may be forced to retaliate if security agencies do not act to stop the attacks.

In a reaction to the allegations, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam who is the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Karaga said his contender who is also the incumbent MP is instead to blame for the clashes.

"He sent the group there to cause that mayhem and now he has run to the media. I took the media to the Karaga Hospital to see the wounded people there. We all have to contribute to bringing lasting peace in the area because the man is losing his seat and all that is left for him is to cause violence in the area in order to deter people from coming out to vote. We will not allow that, and I am calling on the security agencies to act expeditiously. The man must be arrested as well as his supporters", he insisted in an interview with Citi News.

Alhassan Dandaawa is facing stiff competition from Dr. Amin Adam, the NPP Candidate who doubles as the Deputy Minister for Energy.

Source: Ghanaweb