NPP Annoys People With Unsolicited Campaign Text Messages


Some Ghanaians are getting irritated with text messages from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to their phones, asking them to renew the mandate of the President, Nana Akufo-Addo at the 2020 general elections, which is less than four months away.

The message titled "4MOREYEARS" and read;"The NPP inherited a broken economy with collapsing financial institutions and a financial sector riddled with corruption. After JM and his NDC had messed up our country. After JM and his NDC had messed up our country, the NPP came in and cleaned up, restored trust and paid back the people's hard earned savings. If you can't trust a man with your money – why would you trust him with your country? This December; vote Nana Akufo-Addo and NPP."

The unsolicited message, has been greeted with mixed reactions by phone users who received it.

While, some felt the message was timely, others were simply angered by it.

For instance, one JloLadyJenny wrote "Is cool way of doing campaign sake of social distances..what a wise leaders.." but Greatstar Dom upon receipt of the message wrote "NPP like aa let them appear in my bedroom...tweaa , since year 2000 voted for npp not this time... because mafia ought to be cut off due to locking my blood money for years".

Bright Opoku noted that "giving me message on my fone to vote for u is nothing ooooo, they should stop koraaaa, cos already the mind is made up for a change"

Ayamba Osman Imoro

Tell them to stop that Nonsense. Where are the phones they promised to give us, and they are texting us useless messages on our hard earn phones.

#AkyemSakawa boys alert.

The Herald monitored the Facebook wall of Peace online and noted that a story done from the text message, received more negative reactions than positive ones.

Below are some of them published unedited;

Mohammed Sualley

Desperados, it definitely will end in tears.

Osman Mohammed Mabruk

I called MTN office and they are denying it, they said our info is with the government already secof the Ghana card and other stuff, my question is, don't know how true that is though buh it's annoying

Capo Philip

They should turn the messages into momo rather Oooo

Mawusi Frank

You people are warn. Anytime I see such message on my phone again I know what to do. Do you know how I manage to buy a phone and you have the audacity to be sending foolish campaign messages to my phone

Fleecy Nana

Y should a telecommunication firm give our numbers out for political reasons.


Am waiting for them to text or call me it's there they will know not all people who dress in suits are ok

Eric Yaw Anane

Waaa see...tsssw... U politicians should leave we the hustlers alone wai...wen you were chopping your money after winning the elections nu...did you remember us???...

Monica Quarcoo

No party should send me message. I'm not interested in campaign, advertising, rally, posters and banners we live in Ghana fortunately both candidates have done four years so we can compare and contrast. Let's all think about Ghana and the generations unborn and vote wisely

Abigail BragoOduro

Honestly I don't understand why they won't allow us be, if they claimed to have done so much for us why are they texting us . Instead of them to talk about what they have done with the 4 yrs they are busy talking about the past is always about the past . My vote will be based on what is going on currently in Ghana . Is not about the insult both parties throwing at each other . Is way more than that. So they should regard show us what they have done . The unseen project . No political parties should sent me a text

Rosemary AmaQuarcoo

I received it but didn't read mpo

Humphrey Datsomor

If I receive that message I will sue my network providers

Aidoo Emmanuel Kweku

I wonder how the telcos will allow such thing to go on!

It is completely unacceptable.

Rick Kwame Martins

When you believe you have really done better in government then you don't even waste such time to send messages to remind people to vote for you.... Your works will speak for you...!!!

Samuel OdarteyAryee

so y are they shading NDC if truly they have made Ghana a better place theres no need to be sending us messages, we can see for ourselves. Politrictians wen u were giving ur delegates those huge amounts of money did u send us some pls don't come deceive us with this ur cheap lies

Scriptures NcNik

At least the message shouldn't come alone, you guys should hv added something. U know what I mean ryt!

Collins AddoDankwa Jr.

Keep send me that massage it obvious they didnt see this coming.....another storm.....with this covid everywhere i think this is one wise medium to compaign without puting too many people at risk. Obviously they still dont get it will be too late for them thats how

God has made it

Kwame Snr

And when they are accused of dictatorship or authoritarianism, then they begin to talk about morality..Tweaaaaaaaa desperate group of people leading the country desperately..

Dokurugu B. Abdul-Quadir

I didn't even see the content because i deleted it once it landed


Lol just received mine oo

...this what we see under a useless leadership

Okofo John

when you guys are using Facebook to insults your opponents are contacting the majority of the electorate with their messages directly on their Yam phones. Be there and insults

Daniel CrisSarkodie

Very good one. We can't risk the future of our children with the incompetent Mahama

Gabriel Dina

The unfortunate thing is that, they are talking about JM "Collapsing financial institutions " as a campaign message.

Elvis Sly

Just look at this nonsense! This shows they've already lost the election. Tswww


As for me they should stop because whether they like it or not am not voting for any family and friends party biaa.Whether Nana Addo is good or not they are not feeding my family so no vote.

Dominic Tapoan

That is a very innovative way to send the message across in this COVID 19 era

Julius Amagyei

Yesss I just received mine it's a good decision we can't risk our future and that of our children into the hands of jm

Ivan Kofi Obeng

This is a sensible way to reach out to d voters amidst this COVID, that's why d smart party took numbers at d various registration centres......always ahead of d others

Source: The Herald