New Chief Invites Investors To Fodome Traditional Area For Business

Togbe Agbefle I Togbe Agbefle I

It appears, the recently installed Development Chief of Fodome Traditional Area under Hohoe Municipality is pulling all strings to ensure rapid growth and development of the area, barely two weeks after his coronation.

The Chief Togbe Agbefle I, is attracting investors across the globe with tracts of land under his control, to come and do business in the area under conducive environment. He is also calling on indigenes within and outside Ghana to come home, for the transformational agenda of the area.

According to him, the Fodome Traditional Area which currently hosts Volta Region's premier varsity, the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) – Hohoe Campus under its jurisdiction, have free vast lands spaces for investments,

Addressing a durbar on Thursday, May 27, 2021 during his installation, Togbe Agbefle I, said the traditional area has vast lands around UHAS campus and suitable for business developments such as hostels for students, banking, agricultural purpose, among others.

"We have lands in the immediate surroundings of the campus for hostel developments, Mobile Money and other financial services such as banking, insurance, health (scanning services, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, etc), IT infrastructural investments, large scale farming and general commercial activities. Talk to me directly to take advantage of these opportunities," he appeals.

Known in private life as Richard Kafui Agala and a professional banker, the new Asafofiaga, was born in a royal family, from the Totinyigbe Clan in Fodome Helu. He succeeded Togbe Ayisah II, following his unfortunate demise in 2020.

The new Chief is also calling on government to rename the Hohoe Campus of UHAS and be given an appropriate name as "UHAS –Fodome Campus", because of the school's present location under Fodome Traditional jurisdiction, after they had given out tract of lands for free.

He said, "You may be aware that the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) has a campus in Hohoe. Precisely, the University is sited on Fodome land and therefore the appropriate name ought to be UHAS, Fodome Campus."

This request, was welcomed with huge applauds from the mammoth gathering which included; the Paramount Chief of Fodome Traditional Area, Togbega Gbedegbleme Akpatsa II himself, sub-chiefs, Queen mothers, elders, as well as hundreds of invited guests who graced the historic event.

In his speech, Togbe Agbefle I assured his people of his commitment to ensure the growth and total transformation of the Fodome Traditional Area.

"I have joined you now formally to build Fodome together and by the grace of God we shall succeed. Togbega, just as my forbearers served your predecessors, I assure you, that I will serve you to the best of my ability. You have my undiluted loyalty," he assured.

According to him, "I accepted this role for one major reason; to make available to my people, especially our teeming youth, my vast experiences acquired across time to create for them, opportunities that bring about improvement and growth in their lives. As your Development Chief and mayor of Fodome Helu (as you have assigned me), be assured again of my loyalty and unalloyed support for all developmental projects that will be initiated".

He indicated, "As a first step towards our youth mobilization and cohesion agenda, plans are afoot to constitute the youth of Helu into various Asafo groups. While warfare is no longer a feature of contemporary culture, these Asafo groups will become vehicles of our developmental agenda. The role of the youth will be so critical in making "the Fodome Helu agenda as a city of choice", a reality."

The new Asafofiaga is confident, that he will discharge his cardinal duties to his people with faithfulness and with all honesty.

"Please, have my pledge and assurance that I will rule you with love, fairness and understanding and will do so by God's guidance and wisdom. Totinyigbe will rise again, Totinyigbe will work again! I will build on the foundation already laid by my predecessors, which propelled Totinyigbe to very enviable heights in all facets of life in the past," he assured.

In a bid to prove his readiness to champion the development of the area, the Asafofiaga has established a development fund called, "Helu Development Fund", which is geared towards infrastructure development and interventions of the area. He said, the contributions into this Fund will be put to good use.

He therefore, invites all indigenes of the area, both home and abroad, as well as business associates and investors to come onboard to invest in the area.

"At this point, I urge sons and daughters of Fodome, including those in the diaspora to join hands with us in rebuilding a united and progressive community.

I also invite my colleagues, friends, business associates and investors including those watching us live from Cambridge University and other locations across the world, to look to Fodome for its immense agricultural lands, tourism and an emerging commercial and business potential. We will support you."