Peter Amewu Now Wants "Togolese" To Vote

Peter Amewu, Energy Minister and NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Hohoe Constituency Peter Amewu, Energy Minister and NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Hohoe Constituency

Minister for Energy and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate (PC) for the Hohoe Constituency, who is famously remembered for boasting about blocking supposed Togolese from coming into Ghana to vote in the 2016 elections which brought Nana Akufo-Addo to power, is today singing a different song.

John Peter Amewu, is now calling citizens living outside the Hohoe Constituency of the Volta Region, to get home to register and vote in the 2020 general elections.

His call comes at a time the region, has been flooded with soldiers, policemen and immigration officers by the government, to prevent Ghanaians resident in Togo from entering into Ghana to be registered to vote in the upcoming general elections. This is being done in the name of protecting the country's territorial borders against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Amewu, a former Volta Regional NPP Chairman, had run into trouble with Jerry John Rawlings, claiming the ex-President, helped the NPP to emerge victorious in the December 2016 polls, especially in the Volta Region by revealing NDC's strategies in getting the alleged Togolese living along the Ghana-Togo boundaries crossover into Ghana and vote, during elections.

Mr Rawlings, denied the claim and demanded an apology from Mr Amewu, insisting there was no rapport between the two of them.

Mr. Amewu's conduct in December 2016 including the deployment of armed NPP men on roads into Hohoe and other parts of the Volta Region with a death reported, scared residents from villages near the Ghana side of border from exercising their civic rights. He had insisted they not Ghanaians but Togolese. In response, the then NDC Deputy General Secretary, Koku Anyidoho, said his information was that Mr. Amewu, was actually a Togolese, insisting his real name was "Jean Pier Amewu".

Interestingly, he is now contesting the in December polls as the NPP Parliamentary candidate for the Hohoe Constituency and needs votes.

He is being accused of bussing people into the Constituency, a claim he denied, saying "I made a potential call on citizens living outside the Constituency to come home and register and exercise their democratic enfranchising rights".

The supposed bussed people are being resisted from registering, leading to confrontations and violence in the Constituency with videos going viral on social media.

In response, Mr Amewu rubbished allegations linking him to the violence, saying "I want to put it on record that I am not violent, but a man of peace and for the people. I don't promote violence and condemn any violent incident that has occurred, there is the need to calm nerves and project the Constituency."

He made these statements, when he interacted with the media after registering at the Gbi-Bla Roman Catholic (R.C) Primary (3) registration centre in the Hohoe Municipality.

He said, although he sent calls out to citizens outside the Constituency to come home and register, it could not be termed as bussing people.

"I made a potential call on citizens living outside the Constituency to come home and register and exercise their democratic enfranchising rights.

"The call was honestly made and warmly received by the constituents and was done in accordance to the regulatory framework that allowed eligible voters to register and vote."

He described the ongoing voter registration in the Municipality as peaceful, despite the skirmishes and called on the youth to eschew all forms of violent activities and use the appropriate dispute resolution processes.

Mr Joseph Homenya, Regional Secretary of the NPP, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) the isolated cases of misunderstandings, cannot be used to describe the conduct of the registration exercise in the Region as bad.

He added that officials at the registration centres, including party agents, have not been lined with the authority to determine the eligibility of any applicant, the reason challenge forms were provided by the Electoral Commission for use in such instances.

He urged party agents to refrain from such acts, which could be the breeding platform for violent engagements and appealed to the agents to calm nerves and be circumspect on the matter.

Mr Randy Adzato-Ntem, Registration Officer at the Centre, disclosed that a total of 28 people, had successfully registered, adding that the Centre had not recorded any incident of faulty Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) machines nor rise in temperature.

Mr Amewu was accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Sesinam Amewu, who also went through the registration process successfully.

Source: The Herald