Punish Ken Severely - group to judiciary.

Punish Ken Severely Punish Ken Severely

As the nation awaits the verdict of the much talked about contempt case involving the New Patriotic Party's Member of Parliament (MP) for Asin Central, a group going by the name K-Crusaders, has join calls demanding for the punishment of the legislator.

The group in a release noted that, punishing the legislator for the crime on the table, will help protect the nation's judiciary from future attacks.

Below is the release signed by Sadat Jambeidu.

Greetings from the Crusaders.

We are indeed very sad hearing the laud mouth member of Parliament for Assin central dishonourable Kennedy Agyapong as usual raining insults and threats on our judiciary that we have suffered to build since 1992 when the PNDC brought constitutional rule to Ghanaians.

We have witnessed in this country on several occasions this loud mouth of a member of Parliament to have issued threats and at the end of it, some of his threats led to death. One classical example was the Member of Tiger PI, late Ahmed Suale.

We can remember vividly when K- Crusaders issued a press release during the death of the member of Tiger PI asking the Ghana Police Service and the Parliament of Ghana to crack the whip by ensuring this same loud mouth was brought to book.

But what have we seen, nothing was done to ensure Justice, whiles the soul of the gentleman is still restless for he has not gotten Justice.

This same dishonourable Kennedy Agyapong has it on record to have used abusive words, threats and so many kinds of unprintable words on citizens since his party assumed office on 7th January 2017 while he goes unpunished and we won't agree if he goes unpunished this time round since it will be an insult to our revered judicial system.

We can say without fear nor favour that this dishonourable Kennedy Agyapong has now gone "banana" to have rained insults and threats on a court Judge sitting on a land case involving he, Kennedy Agyapong and another.

The president has suddenly gone death and blind since he has become silent on the said matter of which we have heard rumors of how he is trying so hard to sweep this issue under the carpet like he has done to similar serious cases.

We are sending a strong signal in the form of a warning to the chief justice to ensure that dishonourable Kennedy Agyapong face the full rigours of the laws of the land.

Ghana as a peace loving country has seen lawlessness in recent times since the "Akyem Sakawa guys" took over and the likes of Kennedy Agyapong are at the fore front of this lawlessness yet the president has kept a blind eye and deaf ear to it.

We see this exhibition of lawlessness by members of the NPP as a threat to the democracy of our country we have built for so many years now.

We want to see a verdict that will serve as a deterrent to other loud mouths in this country.

We have witnessed verdicts that were handed to people in this country of which this will not be different to that of the Muntie 3, when they were jailed for the same contempt of court. We therefore see no reason, why dishonourable Kennedy Agyapong should be left off the hook when there is already a precedent to the case.

We will not be happy if Kennedy Agyapong is given a soft punishment. He must face the law because Justice is for all and the president should dare not try to prevent or interfere in this particular one.

We shall end here and hope for a stiffer punishment for this dishonourable Kennedy Agyapong by the law court. No amount of apology or apologies should save him.

As a law maker, he should know better and since he has thrown that to the dogs by insulting and issuing threats to the judge who wants to ensure faireness of his case brought to him for adjudication, he must be punished.

Source: By: Haruna Sumaila Abugri.