‘Pyjamas’ National Security Minister Claims All High Profiled Cases Were Solved Under Him

Albert Kan-Dapaah, National Security Minister designate Albert Kan-Dapaah, National Security Minister designate

The National Security Minister designate, Albert Kan-Dapaah, has claimed that all high-profiled criminal cases have been solved.

He told the Appointment Committee of Parliament during his vetting that all the high-profiled criminal cases in the past four years, have been resolved which puts him in a good position to go back to serve.

One prominent case he named to buttress his claim, however, was the arrest of the suspected kidnapper of the three murdered Takoradi girls, Samuel Udutuok Wills, whose judgement will be delivered on March 5, at the Takoradi High Court.

The Minister-designate who is fondly remembered for the leaked video with a lady friend in which he wore a pyjamas, assured Ghanaians he delivered on his mandate

Mr. Kan-Dapaah, who was answering questions from the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale South, Alhaji Alhassan Suyuhini on why security experts have kicked against his re-nomination, also put up a spirited defence when he told the Committee that those against his re-nomination don't pass as security experts.

Whiles, admitting that the murder of investigative journalist, Ahmed Suale Hussein on January 16, 2019 is a dent on his performance as the National Security Minister, he is confident the killers of Ahmed Suale will be found soon.

Aside admitting that the murder of Ahmed Suale is a setback, the unsolved murder of the Director of Public Affairs for the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Ms Josephine Asante in January 2019, also remains unsolved, shows that his claim is not entirely true.

Source: Patrick Biddah