Sandema Sec Tech killing: family weep over injustice, police killer ‘missing’ a year on.

police killer ‘missing’ a year on. police killer ‘missing’ a year on.

Hurt, worried and suppressed spirit of late Master Jibriel Nashiru of the Sandema Secondary Technical School in the Builsa North District of the Upper East Region might keep wiping the uncontrollable tears and massaging the indelible pain and sorrow of his relations, friends and loved ones, a year on as the search for justice over his killing seem to be making no head-way as well as the identity and the where about of his killers appear to be deeply buried beyond the reach of the 'ordinary' Ghanaian.

On July 16, 2019, late Master Jibriel Nashiru, then a first year student of the Sandema Secondary Technical School met his inhume death under a hard-hand of a state police officer when the state law enforcers were called in by school authorities to quell a riot that erupted in the school between the school cadet corps and some of the students after the cadet tried to enforce some rules and regulations of the school.

Led by the then Sandema district police commander, Chief Superintendent Samuel,the team of uniform men stormed theschool premises to restore calm but ended up shooting Master Jibriel Nashiru to death. Health personnel at the Sandema District Hospital pronounced him dead upon arrival at the facility. He was killed by a stray 'unforgiving' bullet shot from a heartless hard hand of a 'missing' police officer that pierced through his lungs.

Having been kept in the dark months after the gruesome killing of its future leader, Worried and displeased bereaved family of Master Nashiru, late last year unzipped a rainy-like tears in a presser. Family spokesperson, Mahmud Adams unequivocally stated "What is even worrying to the entire family is that since the unfortunate incident occurred apparently due to the negligence of the police, the family was waiting for the police to visit or at least contact the family to explain the circumstances that led to the boy's death, but this surprisingly was not done for almost two months after the incident". Mahmud Adam further elaborated that "The cause of the death was established through an autopsy conducted at the Tamale Teaching Hospital on July 18, 2019 confirming that the boy died through a gunshot wound."

An obviously careless police officer sent 'poor' and helpless Nashiru into his early grave upon pulling the trigger of a state riffle at unarmed students.

 School authorities in consultations with the Builsa North District Security council [DISEC], closed down the school when students in a solidarity mood upon the death of Nashiru reacted in a rampage style, destroying school properties.

A seven member committee of enquiry was setup to investigate the cause of the riot. The committee, this paper is informed, made some recommendations including a compensation relieve package to the bereaved family.

Upper East Regional crime officer, Chief Superintendent Sampson Agbeko in a multiple interview told this paper that the command has submitted it findings to the Attorney General department for advice. He assured that the police department will act accordingly. He called for calm as the police are making efforts in making sure that nothing is hidden regarding the case.Asked if the Regional police command is able to identify the officer who shot and sent poor Jibriel to his grave, Mr. Agbeko responded-NO.

On the issue of punishment, the regional crime officer was quick to state that none of the officers who stormed the school have been punished because facts are stills been gathered and that until the investigators are able to establish guilt, it will be difficult to issue any form of punishment. 

District Chief Executive for Builsa North, David Afoko told this outlet that his outfit is putting measures in place to comply with a Government White Paper that recommended a relieve compensation package to the bereave family. "The white paper tasked us to compensate the family. But no specific amount is attached to it. So we are making everything possible to have that done. ".He described the incident as unfortunate but called for calm.

As the humble soul of Jibriel is clocking a year after joining the departed, relatives are reminding duty bearers of justice. A sobbing uncle of Jibriel, Adam Mahmud could not come to terms as to why the state is dragging its feet in such adelicate matter.

Master Nashiru Jibriel's killing left many wondering and asking why professional police officers will use live bullets on unarmed rioting students.

Meanwhile, checks by this outlet indicates that one of the police officers who stormed the school that said night, name withheld mysteriously got paralyzed and is currently been treated at an unknown healing camp. He was first admitted at the emergency unit of the Sandema district hospital and later referred to the Tamale Teaching Hospital but information available now have it that he is currently been treated at an unknown healing camp.

 Police personnel in the Sandema town are frequently accused of being too alcoholic even during duty hours. Most people expressed disgust at the shooting and attributed it to misuse of alcohol.

Source: By Haruna Sumaila Abugri