Social media users react to NPP MPs who stormed Parliament at 4 am

Chamber of the House Chamber of the House

New Patriotic Party (NPP) Members of Parliament (MPs) stormed Parliament six (6) hours earlier this morning to occupy the seats on the right side of the Speaker, which is reserved for the Majority party, clad in their celebration attires as they await the final verdict by Speaker Alban Bagbin at 10 am.

Photos of the Members of Parliament have flooded social media, showing many of them resting in their seats and sleeping off the spare time they had on their hands.

Many have been reacting to the photos even as the nation awaits the moment for the showdown that is expected to happen in Parliament soon.

On the night before the swearing-in of MPs of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic, members from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) arrived at the House early and filed into the right side of the Speaker to occupy the seats there.

When their colleagues from the NPP joined them later and noticed the 'siege', they made attempts at moving them from the seats that until then, were occupied by them but that failed, heightening tensions and causing a few brawls.

Today, the tables have turned and the NPP MPs are the ones who have come in early to occupy the seats on the side of the House that they claim is theirs because of their insistence that they remain the Majority in Parliament.