Starr FM Adeti’s Trailer Unmasked

Starr FM Adeti’s Trailer Unmasked Starr FM Adeti’s Trailer Unmasked

By Haruna SumailaAbugri.

It appears some hoodlums are racing with the angel of death for the scanty blood of Starr FM Upper East correspondent and undercover journalist, Edward Adeti, as the continues threat on his life, appear to be increasing by the day.

The investigative reporter’s life, would have been cut short on May 8, 2020, had Devine intervention alluded him, as his serial alleged trailer, was mysteriously busted.

This paper is told that at about 7:50 PM, Friday, May 8, a man, name withheld reportedly drove through the house of the reporter in the company of an unidentified man and pointed to the direction of the reporter's house and sped off.

Interestingly, the reporter who was home at the time, quickly called in the police, but before they (police), could arrive, he sped off the scene.

The police, this paper understand,wasted no time and drove to his(the alleged trailer) house but met his absence. The uniform men then left behind a message asking him to report to the regional police command.

But the man, said to be "a big man" and “powerful” in the region, reportedly ignored the police verbal message demanding him to report at the regional police command.

It will be recalled that early this year, National Security operatives warned Edward Adeti to relocate following Intelligence that he Adeti, has been penciled in the books of some hoodlums as a target owing to the latter's undercover works that got prominent persons in the Upper East Region exposed in some corruption scandals.

This is not the first time that Mr Adeti has allegedly been trailed or threatened. Late last year, the reporter’s rented apartment was ransacked at night by unknown men after the latter’s investigations revealing some corrupt practices of a minister of state at the presidency, Rockson Bukari. The said investigations led to the minister’s subsequently resignation.

Adeti’s evil plotters met an empty room as he {Adeti} was said to have fled the region to an undisclosed location in the nation’s capital to seek asylum.

The reporter equally suffered series of law suits orchestrated by his preys. In one of the suit, Upper East Regional chairman of the Ghana Journalist Association, Eric Amo, stood in as a witness against the reporter.

Edeti, however, won the said case. The GJA chairman’s posture exposes hidden hatred in the inky profession. Many reporters who were in court, watched the chairman in the witness box with gaping mouths.

The mentioning of the reporters name, brings to mind his bravery investigative work that exposed one Emmanuel Otto-Boison, a Bolgatanga based state’s attorney mid-last year. Mr Boison who was caught on camera receiving cash and a pregnant goat to free a notorious rapist, has since been interdicted.

He is said to be facing a panel of investigators formed by the Attorney general department to look into his conduct. This paper understands that Mr Boison has been bitter throughout the investigative process.

ACP Amenyo, deputy Upper East Regional police commander told this paper’s Upper East Correspondent that “three days ago, he (referring to Edward Adeti) called me and said that some peoples are trailing him, so I dispatched a night patrol mobile police team. They went to him, he identified someone".

Interestingly, the commander who wouldn't go further added that the person is yet to be invited.“The reporter have to formally lodge a written complaint to the police”.

National leadership of the Ghana Journalist Association, this paper is told has been informed of the current development .

As of press time, Edward Adeti, in a company of some pressmen headed to the regional police command to lodge a formal complaint.

The reporter who won a defamation suit recently against one Atintono, said to be a lecturer at the Bolgatanga Polytechnic told the media” “Nothing should take away our courage against evil men and our ability to endure all circumstances even if some of our colleagues join them against us for obvious and ulterior favours. We simply need more media men and women who are not afraid of going hungry, who are not afraid of losing their shelter, who are not afraid of going to jail for what they believe, who are not afraid of being called names, who are not afraid of rejection. Nothing on earth is forever. They will not last. Just watch it,”.