Tafohene Accuses NPP MP Of Greed & Disrespect

Vincent Ekow Assafuah, MP for Old Tafo in the Ashanti Region Vincent Ekow Assafuah, MP for Old Tafo in the Ashanti Region

Member of Parliament (MP) for Old Tafo in the Ashanti Region, incurred the wrath of Tafohene, Nana Agyen-Frimpong Ababio, when he failed to honour an invitation to the commissioning of an AstroTurf.

The Tafohene, revealed a deep-seated rift between Vincent Ekow Assafuah and Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Old Tafo, Frank Obeng Owusu.

The chief suggested that the young MP, was being disrespectful towards the chiefs and people, while selfishly pushing for who becomes MCE.

The traditional ruler, said the absence of Vincent Ekow Assafuah, doesn't speak well of him and for the development of the area.

He further suggested that members of the NPP in the area, are also not in support of replacing Frank Obeng Owusu, as their MCE.

"Does he want the development of the area? Therefore, I want everyone to know what is going on. They are not seeking the development of the area, but their parochial interest", Nana Ababio disclosed.

It appears, Mr Assafuah's absence from the function may be linked to the refusal of Tafohene to endorse his candidate as a new Municipal Chief Executive (MCE).

"I will say it as it is, I will not conceal it. The MP brought someone and told me that he can't work with the MCE. Pipim also came to me as well and told me to give him the thing. So, do they want the progress of their party?" he quizzed.

He says, once the party executives have endorsed the municipal chief executive, he cannot endorse anyone.

"If the MP wants to fulfill his promises to some people when he was contesting for the seat, he should not bring it to Tafo. I don't hate him. I want everything he does to continue, but for somebody to be removed and replaced with another, I am not looking for such here."

Tafohene advised Mr Assafuah and others who had approached him to think about the development of the area.

Nana Agyen-Frimpong Ababio, says he would not let politics tarnish the good image of the area, because his primary objective is to see continues development.

Nana Tafohene, also reacts to allegations of misappropriation of MP's common fund leveled against the MCE Frank Obeng Owusu, saying such accusations should be backed by verifiable evidence and not for selfish interests.

"If they are not able to bring anything good for us, I will not sit down and allow them to destroy my community," Tafohene stated.

Nana Agyen-Frimpong, indicates he would not hesitate to sanction anyone who interferes with positive development in his jurisdiction.

"Any punishment that they deserve, we will sanction them. We are seeking development of the area." He appeals to the President to allow the MCE to continue with the good work he has started

Source: www.theheraldghana.com