Tempane: Kpemka’s defeat; voters selected humility against arrogance.

Kpemka’s defeat Kpemka’s defeat

The people of Tempane in the Kussaug traditional territory of the Upper East Region, per constitutional dictate joined the entire nation to determine the national leadership of this country, as well as their legislature representative on December 7.

All registered political parties were represented relative to the presidential slot.

On the parliamentary space, the Tempane constituency had the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) represented, thus widening the window of choice for the voters in the area.

While Lawyer Joseph Kpemka-stood on the ticket of the NPP, Madam Lydia Adakudugu represented the NDC. Two persons with different character and life style. Madam Lydia came in with a humble appeal focused toward the betterment of the ordinary voter.

Following the unexpected demise of her husband who at the time was the National Democratic Congress' parliamentary candidate, Madam Lydia did not only promised to continue from where her late husband got to, but she did that with humility, respect and above all maturely. Provision of portable and adequate water, electricity, building and resourcing of health facilities, empowering women and children especially were embedded in her humble tongue as well as her campaign team. The voters' indeed listened and as such acted wisely.

Kpemka, the incumbent who defeated the NDC's Adakuduga in the 2016 elections, prided himself as a lawyer and a senior government official. Prior to the elections, not much was heard from Kpemka's campaign team except the usual rhetoric. Mr Kpemka, having foresaw his defeat, fervently begged his heart out to voters not to vote him out. Describing himself as a senior government official and one of the few ministers from the Northern extraction in the present government, Kpemka went on to label his only contender as a not-fit-fellow for a ministerial portfolio. This angered ordinary voters who saw it as a double insult not only on womanhood, but also the average citizens whom Mr kpemka was soliciting his votes from.

As Mr Kpemka instigated and attacked the 'qualification' of his contender, the NDC and Madam Lydia were humbly selling out their policies to their co-equal ordinary voter.

On December 7, the deciders of Tempane showed love and respect to where it is due. The heart of a common soul finds satisfaction when in equilibrium. Kpemka might have forgotten where he is coming from and those he was addressing.

I only hope that the usual political witch-hunting where District Chief executives denies opposition party siting Members of Parliament their due common fund will not be visited on Madam Lydia to enable her deliver.

Sure Kpemka should be regretting for not sharing same cup and bowl with the common voter unlike his contender.

Source: By: Haruna Sumaila Abugri.