Tempane MP Rescues GES With Ppes.

Tempane MP Tempane MP

As the novel Corona virus hangs on the neck of the globe, ravaging uncontrollably, the newly elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Tempane in the Upper East Region equally appears to be wagging an endless coldwar against the non-respecter disease.

Madam Lydia Adakuduga in her series of donations since the emergence of the viral disease, this time, equipped the Tempane Education Directorate with personal protective Equipments.

Public schools across the country are said to be in die need of personal protective Equipments in battling the spread of the disease said to have sent many souls into early graves.

Honorable Lydia Adakuduga prior to the just ended general elections made similar donations towards relieving her constituents relative to the pandemic.

Three thousand (3000) pieces of nose masks, three hundred and sixty three (363) gallons of liquid soap were presented to the district Directorate of education.

A nurse by profession, Madam Adakuduga in the election that saw her whipping out then deputy Attorney general, Joseph Kepemka as a Member of Parliament for the area, promised to prioritize improvement of health delivery, as well as empowerment of women.

The nation's economy is said to be crushing as a result of the Corona virus pandemic as many, especially public sector workers are up against government over announcement that salaries wouldn't be increased at least for a three period.

Interestingly, government in the lead up to the 2020 elections, gave out freebies to citizens, a move many described as a vote buying mantra.

Source: www.theheraldghana.com