You are a ‘419’ president---Garu NDC spits salvo on Akuffo Addo.

President Akufo-Addo and his NPP government President Akufo-Addo and his NPP government

In what appears like calling for a reckoning and stewardship ahead of the much anticipated fierce general election 2020, Constituency Executives of the opposition National Democratic Congress for Garu in the Upper East Region, had taking lead in calling on the Nana Addo led New Patriotic Party's government to not only avail itself for scrutiny but to be ready to hand over power to a developmental oriented and hardworking John Dramani Mahama of the National Democratic Congress.

In a release jointly signed by three constituency executives, the NDC asserted that "the Garu constituency has been neglected and dragged backwards during these four years of President Akufo-Addo's government. We envisage it will take us many years to fill the developmental gap and retrogression that has been created by President Akufo-Addo and his NPP government in the Garu constituency. President Akufo-Addo and his kyebi 'mafia gang' have hijacked everything, leaving virtually nothing for others to benefit."

The release described Akufo- Addo, as an oppressor and a suppressor "The Ghanaian has come under oppression, suppression and state of fear and insecurity under President Akufo-Addo. Freedom of speech is no longer guaranteed under this regime. We are witnessing nothing but autocratic and tyrant leadership by Nana Addo." It noted.

Describing the first term of President Akuffo Addo as a total fiasco, full of lies and deceit, the Chairman Laari led executives indicated that the good people of Garu have been denied the government unfulfilled promises widely talked about prior to the 2016 elections, Pinpointing that of: ONE DISTRICT-ONE FACTORY,ONE MILLION DOLLAR PER CONSTITUENCY PER YEAR, EXPANSION OF SCHOOL INFRASTRUCTURE, EXPANSION OF HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE,EXTENTION OF ELECTRICITY, RESHAPING AND CUTTING OF FEEDER ROADS, BOREHOLE FOR EVERY COMMUNITY, TWO BULLOCKS FOR EACH HOUSEHOLD (GARU CONSTITUENCY SPECIFIC) slogan.

The release noted that none of the above promises have been fulfilled. The NDC executives having described the one village, one dam as "open ponds" claimed that the "ponds" are either drying up or washed away.

The NDC in the releaseridiculed the ruling NPP of delivering zero percent as far as the "one district, one factory and the"one million dollar, one constituency "mantra is concern. The "ONE DISTRICT-ONE FACTORY" promise of the NPP government has also become a mirage.

The Nana Addo's government has delivered a zero factory in the whole of the Upper East Region, of which our district is a part. The last time, our Hon. DCE, Hon. Emmanuel Asore Avoka, ridiculously told the Garu District Assembly that they were considering upgrading the Garu Rural Technology Facility (RTF) into a factory of metal fabrication. We argued that a factory of metal fabrication was not going to be feasible since we do not have metal raw material in the area. Remember the main idea behind the "ONE D-ONE F" policy is to make use of local raw material and local labour force. They pledged an alternative urgently, but that has not also materialized.

The NDC executives says they are saddened over the total neglect of the Tambe multiple Dam project " We are extremely saddened to announce to you that the Tamne Multipurpose Dam Project which was started by H. E. John Dramani Mahama's government in 2015, and primarily meant to alleviate the poverty levels of our people has also been abandoned. This project which is very dear to our hearts was supposed to be delivered in about three years but which sadly, has been left to deteriorate since 2018. Where did we go wrong?"


The constituency Executives stated that the Nana Addo led government denied the people of Garu portable drinking water "Ladies and gentlemen; water, they say is life. This means that without water, no form of life can be sustained. Notwithstanding the foregoing reality, coupled with the passionate vow by Dr. Bawumia that "in the first two years of the NPP administration, there should be no village or community with water or toilet problem", the government of Dr. Bawumia and his boss President Akufo-Addo is yet to complete a single borehole for the people Garu district to drink water. Is this not painful and smacks of neglect?"

The executives accused the NPP of abandoning on-going rural electrification project in the area started by the John Mahama led admiration. "Ladies and gentlemen; it will be recalled that the John Dramani Mahama's government embarked on a massive rural electrification program in the Garu constituency. This initiative saw many communities in the Garu district connected to the national grid by end 2016 (e.g. Songo, Melgabougo, Siyuah-Kugri, Nomboko, Siguuri, Duuri, Kuerr, Tizerr, Gbeliginvuus, Damamteega, Kpatia, Kparinboak, Saadabog, Meliga/ZiseriBulpelisi, Namoar, etc).

Many other communities that were at various stages of completion before the NDC lost power have been left unattended to.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is exceedingly shocking to discover that the following communities that were fully or partly wired and some even provided with Transformers and left with the last stage of connecting them to the grid have been deserted by the NPP government since they took power in 2017. Such communities include: Siisi, Avuusum/Tankpasi, Abilatega, Kolsuuga, Kugraug, Bantanfarug, Sinakwan and Yizidug.

Also, the numerous communities that were at the 'planting of poles' stage have since not been attended to. Dusbuliga, Kukparigo, Dudankpikpalig, Kpatua No.1, Kpatua No.2, Denugu, Kokbulig, Namankwan, Ankatir, Yambakwan, Tubong, Mangol, Bogrikwan, Wakuan, Senebaga, Takore, Bugwia, Kugpella, Suamvuus, Kukparibuliga, Atamidabood, Menatenga, Aloko, Vambara, KugriNatinga, etc are examples of such communities. 

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, our attention has been drawn to yet another massive scam embarked upon by the NPP people in our communities. Barely five months to election 2020, we have the NPP people invade our communities with fake rural electrification projects and deceiving our people to plant poles without compensation.

 To give credence to above allegation, permit us to seek answers to the following begging questions:

Is it true that most of the contracts signed under H.E. John Mahama in respect of rural electrification, have been abrogated by the Akufo-Addo's government? 

Is it true that an NPP party official in Garu has been awarded a whooping GHC 700,000.00 just to ensure that electricity poles are transported to and planted in our communities to appear as if the government is giving them electricity, for the sole objective of deceiving the voter?

Shall we know the contractors who are working on these electricity projects in our communities since we do not know them?

Why is the government not completing the stalled work on rural electrification in the various communities but rather planting poles haphazardly in many new communities within Garu?

When shall an NPP government connect electricity to a second community in the Garu constituency aside Zaari?

The NDC is thus calling on Ghanaians to vote out Nana Addo and the NPP, labelling them as a total failure. They are thus accusing Nana Addo of breading corruption, poor governance and denying the ordinary Ghanaian the right to freedom of speech.

By Haruna SumailaAbugri