You are creating tension in the Upper East region--Adam Bona bites Gloria Akuffo

Adam Bona bites Gloria Akuffo Adam Bona bites Gloria Akuffo

Tension is said to be building up and high-rocketing uncontrollably in the Upper East Region, following the minister for Justice and Attorney General's silence over the outcome of an investigations conducted by a seven member judiciary investigative committee tasked to probe the conduct of a Bolgatanga based interdicted senior state Attorney, who was allegedly captured on camera taking goodies, including a pregnant goat to free an INTERPOL wanted crime suspect, who was equally standing trial for multiple crimes in the Upper East Region.

Emmanuel Lawrence Otto-Boison, the embattled Bolgatanga-based state prosecutor, was captured perpetrating a serious offence and telling an agent not to disclose the illegal deal to any third party in a video documentary dubbed "Cash for Justice" produced by EIB's investigative journalist, Edward Adeti.

Worried over the hiking tension, Security analyst, Adam Bona, explicitly remaindered the Attorney General of her duty "… It has the tendency to disturb the peace in the Upper East Region. I will like to find out why this particular sensitive case, has delayed for that long. It is unfortunate, the Attorney General is the principal legal adviser to the state…the people of Ghana". 

Adam Bona warns that tardy and compromised judicial system fosters mob actions "these are some of the things that leads to mob actions. People take the law into their hands when they lost trust in the justice delivery system of either a community or a country…the people have every right to be angry but I will urge that they remain calm and find other democratic ways of ensuring that this particular issue doesn't end like similar others in parts of the country. I must say that this delay shouldn't have happened." He told Abugri Sumaila Haruna in a telephone interview.

Sounding disturbed and unhappy over the tardy manner in which the investigations have taken, the security Analyst noted "we all heard her[referring to the minister for Justice and Attorney General], when she said that in a month's time, the committee's work was going to be concluded, unfortunately, it is four months down the line, nothing has come out of it, and we are almost getting to the end of this particular administration. So one would have taught that a case that is as sensitive as this, would have been dealt with all the speed that is required, but unfortunately, it hasn't been so". He noted as he continuously urged for calm.

Groups chase Attorney General as Adam Bona urges them on.

Even before the Minister for Justice and Attorney General could tell anxious citizens the outcome of its investigations vis-à-vis the conduct of the embattled interdicted state's attorney, anticorruption bodies have vowed to pursue the matter to ensure justice is served without delay.

A Ghanaian-based anti-corruption group, Coalition for Equal Rights and Justice (CERAJ), has told the media it is filing a petition to the Mediation and Security Council (MSC) of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) against the interdicted state's lawyer. 

"The ECOWAS Mediation and Security Council will soon receive the petition because this is a matter of an international interest. The offence committed by the Senior State Attorney is so serious and highly unpardonable under any serious-minded government who wants to protect its integrity and citizenry as far as the documentary we have all watched is concerned. For a state's attorney to allow himself to be influenced with money and advise with passion as we can see in the viral video that a serial crime suspect should run and go into hiding where nobody would find him, we cannot say we are safe in this country.

"For a state's attorney to say an accused person is wanted in Burkina Faso and that he should avoid INTERPOL as we all watched in the documentary, the ECOWAS Mediation and Security Council must be alert and very concerned about this because of the serious security implications these shocking revelations portend for all of us in this sub-region, how some state's attorneys are thwarting the efforts of the ECOWAS MSC and the INTERPOL. This state's attorney clearly should not and cannot represent the interest of the state.

"It is a big international issue worthy of ECOWAS attention. We are even told the BBC and several international security analysts are also anxiously monitoring the outcome of the Justice Dotse Committee on the saga. Until this Senior State Attorney, who should have even resigned by now, is dealt with by the law without any fear or favour, like the other unscrupulous public officials who were caught in the past in similar circumstances of taking bribes and extorting and were dismissed in this country, for the palpable wrongs he the state's attorney has committed in the video in the full glare of the entire public, it would be difficult for anyone anywhere to trust the Attorney-General's Department for justice and fairness. That is why we vehemently speak everywhere as an organization for equal rights and justice no matter who you are," said the CERAJ's President and CEO, Augustus Amankwah Mireku.

Another anti-corruption group, named National Patriots against Injustice and Corruption (NAPAIC), is also threatening to go all out in making sure that justice is properly served. Worried over the delay by the Attorney General and Minister for Justice in announcing the outcome of its investigations in to Mr. Boison's conduct, NAPAIC's President, Mr Bismark Zumah, stated that "justice delayed is justice denied".

Mr Bismark Zumah, in a telephone interview with The Herald's Abugri Haruna, stated that his group was keenly monitoring happenings at the Attorney-General's Department and would not hesitate to petition other relevant organizations should the need arise.

"My brother, our group is ready to petition organizations outside the borders of this country should the need arise. We are going all out to make sure justice is served. People are suffering in jail for stealing common fowls but this man has committed a great harm and is still walking unpunished," the President stated. 

Their steps seem to be receiving the blessing of the security analyst as he encourages them on. "They are totally right in their demand…petitions are one of the diplomatic ways of getting cases of these nature dealt with. They have towed the right path and hey should go ahead and petition who so ever they have to petition even if it is the president."


NPP bankroller.

Pockets of information available to this paper indicate that the embattled Bolgatanga based Senior State Attorney, Emmanuel Lawrence Otto-Boison, who was caught on camera receiving a cash and a pregnant goat and asking for more with a promise to free a crime suspect is a respected bankroller of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Awutu Senya Constituency of the Central region.

His alleged political links with top officials of the current government appear to have gotten eyes starring and tongues wagging with many asking if justice will be ordinarily served.

Widespread rumours indicate that the embattled state-employed lawyer is an intimate friend of Deputy Attorney General, Joseph Kpemka. The duo, this paper understands, were close friends during their days together as lawyers practising in the Upper East Region. Many are asking and wondering if his fellow "learned friends" will be able to crack the whip on their own.

He is said be moving from one party guru to another, soliciting for political protection against punishment and possible prosecution.

Demonstrations awaits AG.

A number of groups and individuals in the Upper East Region are gearing up for series of demonstrations should the minister for Justice and Attorney General fails to tell Ghanaians the outcome of the judiciary investigative committee's on Mr Boison's bribery brigade. The unexplained silence on the part of the Attorney General is creating some uneasy calm in the Upper East Region; where numerous victims of injustices allegedly perpetuated by the embattled state-employed lawyer.

Mr Boison, left the Upper East Region last year under mysterious circumstances when a trailer of the investigative piece went viral prior to the full airing of the documentary and has since not been seen in the region.