Accra Hearts Of Oak Must Name Stadium After Coach Atuquafio

Accra Hearts Of Oak Must Name Stadium After Coach Atuquafio Accra Hearts Of Oak Must Name Stadium After Coach Atuquafio

On Tuesday, May 12, Ghanaians and soccer fans all of Africa, woke up to the sad news of the passing of Sir Cecil Jones Atuquafio.

Sir, as he is affectionately called by those who knew him, contributed immensely to the development of soccer and talents in this country, and had groomed most players who went on to become national sport icons.

Tributes are still pouring in from far and wide and from people who knew him closer, as well as those who admired and appreciated his work and worth.

In death, we are all beside ourselves and shedding crocodile tears, the man was terminally ill for a little over eight years, how many of us, really made the effort or attempt to go visit the man and attend to his needs.

It is only in Ghana that heroes and heroines are remembered and celebrated in death.

Theodosah Okoh, an illustrious daughter of the land who designed the Ghana national flag only became known to many Ghanaians, only upon the death of President John Evans Atta Mills’s death, when the Mayor of Accra, Alfred Nii Okoe Vanderpuiye, attempted to rename the National Hockey Stadium, after Prof. Mills.

In the coming weeks, politicians, who have become vultures, will be trooping to his house to sign the book of condolence, accompanied by many promises to the family, yet when the man was sick nobody showed any concern.

The man deserved more than we are doing for him now, i.e. a state burial.

Did the state intervene to get medical help for him in his desperate time of need?

All the radio stations in Accra, especially, since the news of his passing, have all dedicated their sports programmes discussing him, when he was alive and sick he didn’t merit their airtime.

Accra Hearts of Oak, the club he made Continental Champions in 2000, is building a stadium, it is our hope that the Board and Management of Phobia football club, will consider naming the stadium after him once it is finished.

We need to preserve his legacy and that is the only he can be remembered.