Alex Mould Shocked; Ghana Paid Double For Black Stars Friendlies

Alex Mould Shocked; Ghana Paid Double For Black Stars Friendlies Alex Mould Shocked; Ghana Paid Double For Black Stars Friendlies

The CEO of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) has expressed shock that his outfit paid for Black Stars friendly matchess even after the Ghana Football Association (GFA) had received payments from agents for the same matches.

Alex Mould, making his first appearance at the ongoing Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Ghana’s participation at the 2014 world cup told the commission on Tuesday that his organisation made payments for accommodation and transportation to the GFA for some of their friendly games.

This appears to be in contrast with the known practice where all the GFA’s expenses for friendlies are paid for by match agents.
Below are highlights of the interaction between Alex Mould of GNPC and Justice Dzamefe, chairman of the commission;

Dzamefe: Some of these friendly matches are arranged by FIFA agents and they pay the FA for those matches. FA incurs no cost. Agents organize the matches pay for their flight and accommodation for those friendly matches. But for your rendition you also pay for friendly matches

Alex: Yes we do.
Dzamefe: so are you aware agents pay for those matches?
Alex: No, I am not aware.
Dzamefe: Are you surprised hearing this today?
Alex: I will be surprised that they will be receiving money for matches that we are paying for. And I think that there should be full disclosure. I don’t think we’d have a problem with it if they were receiving monies because if they gave us an explanation that they were using it for other events and its part of their revenue, I think it’s a justification that we would be able to accept. But it think there should be full disclosure.
Dzamefe: If you go into your contract, there is a clause like that, confidentiality. I’m surprised hearing that they’ve never disclosed this to you that the agents pay for this friendly matches.