1Day Africa Hosts Panel Of Researchers To Discuss Publishing In Africa Vs. Publishing Internationally

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1Day Africa, the African chapter of the medical volunteer advocacy organization 1Day Sooner, is hosting an online panel of African researchers on July 15, 1 PM EDT/5 PM GMT/7 PM CAT. The researchers at the panel will discuss the factors involved in their decisions to publish their scientific research in African outlets versus international outlets, and what might cause them to change their minds. Audience members will be able to ask the panelists questions after the discussion..

Panelists Ejemai Eboreime, Stephen Manchishi, and Catherine Kyobutungi are all researchers in the health and biological sciences with long practical experience. Dr. Eboreime is a physician involved in health program management and improving community healthcare services. Dr. Manchishi is a lecturer and researcher of neuroendocrinology at the University of Zambia, and directs the Juniors & Seniors Mentoring Network in Zambia. Dr. Kyobutungi is the executive director at the African Population and Health Research Center, and has primarily done research in epidemiology.

This event is part of an ongoing effort by 1Day Africa to bolster and promote African scientific research and encourage African research independence. If Africa is to break free from the norm of depending exclusively on the West for medical research, the continent needs to groom its scientific research and nurture the media where such research must be published. African media and publishers have a huge role in this project.

Source: www.theheraldghana.com