Bangladeshi National Fools Angela Markel And UN

Photo of the Fake Rohingya Family in Germany Photo of the Fake Rohingya Family in Germany

While an appeals court in Britain recently granted political asylum to Egyptian-born terrorist Yaseer Al-Sirri, a Bangladeshi national has succeeded in fooling German authorities as well as the United Nations by falsely claiming to be a Rohingya and his asylum is going to be accepted soon.

Despite what seemed to be a tougher stance and a viable strategy against radicalism and Islamism in the United Kingdom, a British appeals court granted political asylum to Egyptian-born terrorist Yasser Al-Sirri.

Sirri won a 27-year legal battle for asylum in Britain when a three-judge panel rejected the Ministry of Home Security's objections.

Al-Sirri was convicted in absentia by a military court in 1994 and sentenced to death for conspiring to kill Egypt's prime minister, "a conviction which was probably secured by the use of torture," the British appellate court ruling issued last month said.

Refugee status applies to anyone who fears being persecuted if repatriated, the court said. But it does not apply to people "guilty of acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations." And that's the reasoning that prevented Al-Sirri from obtaining asylum until now.

The case of Bangladeshi fake Rohingya

After making repeated attempts of getting immigration in Singapore, Britain and France, a Bangladeshi national has finally succeeded in getting the opportunity of staying in Germany by falsely proclaiming to be a Rohingya from Myanmar. According to media reports, the individual named Md. Atikuzzaman falsely pretending to be a Rohingya has changed his name as Kamaluddin Kamal and has also succeeded in taking his wife Rezia Akhter (Father's name Harunur Rashid, Mother's name Saleha Begum), and son Nafisuz Zaman to Germany in 2020 with the same false identity.

Reports further said, Md. Atikuzzaman a.k.a Kamaluddin Kamal, his wife Rezia Akhter, and son Nafisuz Zaman are Bangladeshi nationals by birth. None of them have ever been to Myanmar nor has even any distant connection with the Rohingya community in Myanmar or those in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Md. Atikuzzaman's family hails from Bakul Kanda Shariatpur district [Village Bakaul Kandi, Post office Charbhaga, Police Station Shakhipur, Upazila Bhederganj], while his wife Rezia Akhter's family hails from the Tangail district in Bangladesh.

Rezia Akhter's family is permanently residing in Dhaka's Khilkhet area. Her mother's Bangladesh mobile number is +880-1706642568.

Md. Atikuzzaman a.k.a Kamaluddin Kamal is currently living in Karlsfeld, Munich, Germany as a Rohingya refugee in the hope of getting immigrant status.

His son, Nafisuz Zaman was a student of Yale International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh and currently is studying in a school in Mittelschule Karlsfeld. According to Yale International School authority, Nafisuz Zaman has been studying for many years, and has shown special achievement in spelling contest in 2017.

Prior to leaving Bangladesh in 2020, Md. Atikuzzaman a.k.a. Kamal Uddin Kamal, his wife Rezia Akhter and son Nafisuz Zaman were living in Bangladesh in a rented apartment at House # 13, 1st floor, Road # 18, Sector # 14, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka.

Talking on the case of this fake Rohingya, a representative of the Rohingya community in Germany said, the case of Md. Atikuzzaman a.k.a Kamaluddin Kamal's false claim of being a Rohingya is not only a serious crime but it will also harm the legitimate claims of those genuine Rohingyas in various countries in the world.

The representative called upon the UNHRC and Germany authorities to immediately investigate the case of Md. Atikuzzaman a.k.a Kamaluddin Kamal and deport them from Germany.

Mr. Abdul Khaleque, father of Md. Atikuzzaman a.k.a Md. Kamaluddin Kamal was a high official with state-owned Eastern Refinery Limited in Bangladesh. None has asked the fake Rohingya as to how his father - a Rohingya has held a high position during the 80s and 90s in Bangladesh when they were supposed to be in Myanmar.

Abdul Khaleque was posted in Chittagong district as the General Manager of Eastern Refinery. During their stay in Chittagong, Abdul Khaleque and his family used to stay in Katalganj, Panchlaish area. The fake Rohingya - Md. Atikuzzaman a.k.a Md. Kamaluddin Kamal, was brought up in Chittagong where he had learnt the Chittagonian local dialect, which is similar to that of Rohingyas.

Atikuzzaman married Rezia Akhter in 2002 when his family was living in Dhaka's Uttara area at their own house.

Atikuzzaman's false pretense of being a Rohingya would seriously harm the interest of those genuine Rohingyas in the Western nations. Moreover, it may also hamper Bangladesh's continuous efforts in finding a solution to the existing Rohingya refugee crisis.

An official of Bangladesh's Immigration Department told the media, Atikuzzaman's actions are serious crimes. German authorities should immediately take necessary steps against such individuals.

It is also learned from another source in Dhaka, sitting in Germany, Atikuzzaman and his wife Rezia Akhter are continuing false propaganda against the Bangladesh government, with the fictitious stories of persecuting Rohingyas by shifting them to Bhashanchar Rohingya Refugee camps.

It may be mentioned here that, in 1993 or 1994, Atikuzzaman went to Singapore and tried to stay illegally. At that time, he was arrested for illegal stay by the Singapore Police, imprisoned, and later deported. Later he also visited Britain and France with the hope of getting immigration.

Commenting on the case of Md. Atikuzzaman a.k.a Kamaluddin Kamal, a senior immigration attorney in Germany said, "What Md. Atikuzzaman a.k.a Kamaluddin Kamal has done is a punishable offense under German and international law. Such individuals should be immediately arrested, interrogated and deported. He also has called upon the French authorities to investigate the asylum case of Md. Atikuzzaman a.k.a Kamaluddin Kamal, who had been in France with the ulterior motive of getting asylum under false pretext".

Damsana Ranadhiran is a retired security official and a counterterrorism specialist. He writes for a number of newspapers around the world

Source: Damsana Ranadhiran