CORONA VIRUS: THE EYE OF AFRICA calls on human rights organizations to hold China responsible for "polluter and payer"

THE EYE OF AFRICA calls on human rights organizations THE EYE OF AFRICA calls on human rights organizations

Travel is conditioned in Togo between neighboring states to more than 500 thousand CFA francs in fine for confinement, after a visit to neighboring countries, as if to say neighboring countries are carriers of the virus. This amount of money provides food for thought on the very use of the COVID-19 virus.

For some, the corona serves unacknowledged causes that favor the poverty of the majority at the expense of a minority, so that a social injustice is installed with restriction of freedoms. Actions that resemble gross violations of rights under the guise of scapegoats.

"If the world is in danger, the main responsible is China" suggests a diplomat on condition of anonymity. And this is in line with corporate social responsibility to the extent that the companies that produce toxic and contagious products take into account direct and indirect benefits ...

The example of the trafigura case in Côte d'Ivoire where toxic waste was dumped, and the consequences of which were fully taken into account by the company that dumped this toxic waste. Likewise, the handling of viruses in the context of the production of biological weapons must provide for texts so that the direct and indirect consequences are taken into account by the companies which handle these viruses. The present case of the expertise of the pastor institute which is implicated, a French research center which is based in China under the control of the Chinese state. So the problem is there.

Why would China not pay the costs allocated to the treatment of corona in the countries victims of this virus from China?

Does the responsibility of the polluter pays apply to China? The whole world remembers the origin of the crisis with the corona virus, released from the laboratories of China, this virus caused a lot of damage in the world, by the fault of some people whose responsibility is however quite clear.

And as a misfortune never happens alone, the precaution to guard against this famous virus which goes around the world, also causes very expensive services for the populations. If for reasons of confinement, people have been killed, the consequences of this disease have not yet ended. Who is the real perpetrator of these killings?

In some countries, measures are very quickly instrumentalized to serve causes that are not yet easily explained.

And for the record, the costs of containment are now borne by the victims of this Chinese virus, without the responsibility of China itself being questioned, in any way.

It is still more trauma for the world to learn that the victims are being put on the payroll, without a word being said on the responsibility of the perpetrator of this crime against humanity.

At this time of financial crisis caused by the corona, the opening of borders which should serve for the economic resilience of populations does not meet expectations.

So what is the fault of people who die of hunger and poverty due to inactivity? It is therefore necessary to define a regulatory framework applicable to stakeholders in the implementation of research policies in the field of biological weapons, and in taking into account responsibility and the pursuit and monitoring of compensation for victims.

Without saying so, China has opened a war against freedoms. And it is indeed, a crime similar to the release of toxic sarin gas in metros, except that in this context it is a world under virus.

The capture of the organizations and the whole system of global governance demonstrates a real institutional attack, and suggests an insider trading. An act of global terrorism that is not taken in its proper measure

And what do Human Rights Defender Organizations do to protect fundamental human rights? Amnesty International? The International Criminal Court? FIDH? Friends of the Earth? Doctors Without Borders ? The United Nations ? The Human Right Watch? The Freedom house? WHO? Green peace? …

Those responsible for the spread of the corona virus must be held accountable.

Source: By AYEGNON T. K. Blaise [email protected]