China has to play important role in financing Global Fund

financing Global Fund financing Global Fund

The purpose should justify the responsibilities of the authors with the accomplices, because at the pace things are going, the impression that emerges is that the arrival of the virus does not give rise to ordinarily remarkable reprimands in similar contexts. So the use made, it remains in short a palliative for some to resume authoritarianism on the victims of the Covid-19 for individualistic purposes. Should we believe in a policy of double standards?To date, what is the harmonization made on the food management of people in confinement? The needs being the same for all men, what are the precise reports on the activities carried out by the international community with the victims in the name of human rights?If in Africa, the real figures are not known, it does not mean that the continent is spared the consequences of the virus. But observers deplore the fact that at the same time, some people are pulling the sheet on their side, and claim to be saviors.They seek to hide behind COVID-19 and hide it in the face to harm, under protective cover.Thus, China, with the Corona virus once again has attacked the world with impunity. Worse, in this deliberately installed boondoggle on sometimes repressive care, the victims of the Chinese aggression pass before a condemnation for not having obeyed a certain anti-balertine measure taken to the detriment of people. How do you want to save humanity from an illness by attacking people everywhere, as if there was a history? How can one want the happiness of a people without their interest?At the same time, the spread of viruses remains in a certain comfort zone, while malicious acts are now legalized in the name of a certain safeguard of health security.Mishandling of circumstances which suggests that the proliferation of this virus has a scent of premeditated act in order to serve to distribute or redistribute the key to power, further weakening the peoples of any awareness of reality , through a multiple attack on the mind, on the physical and on existence itself.The African Eye, aware that this situation generates a certain form of frustration of poverty and social injustice, aggravates the dependences of the strata which are not taken into account,Solicited from international and state institutions: "AID OF EMERGENCY FOOD" to the various services of Nations systems which are traditionally involved in the past, such as the United States, Japan ... for the implementation of a plan distribution of oil milk and semolina comma… as does the Marchal plan…Likewise to involve stakeholders in a good redistribution of these products, considering that hunger in this crisis spares no more than 79% of the population of West Africa.Deplores the fact that in some countries, the redistribution of resources is done on the basis of political considerations, a state of humiliation which could be an attack on human dignity and social cohesion.And recommend…• an audit of the disease surveillance systems,• quickly think of compliance with prevention and care rules, and compliance with health sector law standards.• a global protocol on care involving the rights of victims To be continued 

Expert AYEGNON T. K. Blaise [email protected]